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Watch It: The Glitch Mob Host Live Video Chat With Fans

Watch It: The Glitch Mob Host Live Video Chat With Fans

From technical specs to favorite mobile video games, the LA based trio spilled the beans on every topic imaginable during a live video chat with fans on Monday night.

Taking a break from recording their yet to be released album, The Glitch Mob posted up in their studio and logged onto Ustream to field questions from fans across the globe.

With lots of great content and a wonderful experience for any fan to be able to sit face to face and candidly have a conversation with their favorite group, I would not be surprised if we see more interactions like this in the future from these guys.

A few things you learn in the video:

The Glitch Mob would love to collaborate with an Orchestra.

LTJ Bukem inspired edIT to make electronic music.

Ooah has been known to enjoy a Stella Artois on a Monday evening.

Boreta’s mom hula hoops to Glitch Mob tunes.

The full video chat runs just over an hour in length but is highly entertaining, it is definitely a must watch!

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