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Bella Gaia Combines NASA Visuals With Live Music & Dance; Texas Tour Coming Up

Bella Gaia Combines NASA Visuals With Live Music & Dance

Bella Gaia is on tour in Texas and we think you should check it out!

Inspired by stories of astronauts, comes a journey of sight sound and exploration. Immerse yourself, in a vision of Earth, that will change your perspective completely.

Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) is an awe-inspiring live multimedia performance, of projected NASA visualizations of Earth from Space, with live music and dance from around the world on one stage.

“Awe-Inspiring” – Examiner
“STUNNING” Ray Kurzweil
“Beautifully crafted soundscapes” – Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)
“A truly transformative experience” – California Academy of Sciences

Bella Gaia Texas Tour Winter 2013

February 21st – El Paso, Texas – Magoffin Auditorium
February 23rd – Austin, Texas – Paramount Theatre
February 25th – Dallas, Texas – Winspear Opera House

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