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Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones (Black) reviewed by TreeThugger
PHILIPS Headphones SHS3300BK 27mm Drivers/Open-Back Earhook 1 reviewed by TreeThugger
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Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones
Philips Headphones SHS3300BK 27mm Drivers/Open-Back Earhook 1
Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone 50mm Drivers
Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over Ear Headphone
Philips SHP6000 HiFi Stereo Wired Headphone with High Resolution Audio
Philips Audio
Philips Audio
Philips Audio
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Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones (Black) reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones
Philips Audio
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PHILIPS Headphones SHS3300BK 27mm Drivers/Open-Back Earhook 1 reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips Headphones SHS3300BK 27mm Drivers/Open-Back Earhook 1
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PHILIPS Fidelio X2HR Over The Ear Open Back Wired Headphone 50mm Drivers- Black Professional Studio Monitor Headphones with Detachable Cable reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone 50mm Drivers
Philips Audio
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PHILIPS X2/27 Fidelio Headphones, Black reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over Ear Headphone
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Philips SHP6000 Wired Headphones Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets Over Ear Headphones Wired Noise Isolation with High Resolution Audio, Deep Bass and Superior Comfort reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips SHP6000 HiFi Stereo Wired Headphone with High Resolution Audio
Philips Audio
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Philips SHP9500 Demo Video

so when you start to research headphones
every once in a while these little gems
pop up people whisper about them they
gain traction and hype and then they
become almost legendary in the forms
headphones that for whatever reason
punch way above their price point one of
these is the SHP 9500 from Philips we’re
gonna take a look at these today and see
if they still wow for their price tag in
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bright P your watch your bad C Tech and
today we’re take a look at the s HP 9500
over-ear open-back headphones from
philips no relation a brief history on
these for a few years these were
available for like between sixty and
sixty five dollars then after a few
really solid reviews and some internal
issues at philips he’s completely
disappeared from the market when you
found them they went for as high as like
two hundred dollars kind of like what
we’re seeing with the Fidelio x twos
right now but they’ve recently
resurfaced so i picked these up a couple
weeks ago on amazon they’re available
right now for right at about $80 the s
HP 9500 is an over ear open back dynamic
headphone with 50 millimeter drivers and
a frequency response of between six and
thirty five thousand hertz these are 32
ohms with a hundred and two DB
sensitivity which means you can drive
these with pretty much anything
no amp needed you get a steel headband
here and the rest is mostly plastic
plastic on the headband feels nice it’s
got this pretty dense foam pad that’s
covered in like this sport mesh fiber
similar to what you’d see on a steel
series but it’s not as refined a little
rougher this headband looks like it may
be removable or replaceable but it also
feels like I might break it if I try I
also really like the inclusion of these
numbered markings that are visible
through this little window in the
headband if you have OCD like Denon sees
this will really help you get things
lined up perfect plastic on the ear cups
themselves doesn’t feel as nice like it
may be a little brittle it’s also packed
with copy just words
we’re with a giant L and our indicator
on the outside of the Cubs just in case
you’re one of those guys that still uses
his fingers to tell his left from his
right the ear cuffs have this goofy
angle to them where the rear the cuff
sticks out like nine millimeters versus
the front good amount of swivel a little
bit of tilt the swivel point is actually
at the rear of this piece and if there’s
a structural weak point here this would
get my vote this piece actually makes me
a little nervous I probably wouldn’t
throw these in a bag or anything without
a case ear pads here are enormous they
measure twelve by nine point five
centimeters outside and seven point five
by five point five inside not really
deep though about 13 millimeters my ears
do touch the drivers on these they’re
coated in the sport mesh fabric as well
the only fabric i’ve seen in a pad yet
that I would describe is rough or
Scratchy these pads can’t be completely
removed carefully but you’ll need to mod
these a little bit if you want to use
some different pads on the one thing I
was pretty shocked to see if this price
point is a detachable cable and not like
a weird exotic one either just a
standard 3.5 millimeter this makes it
ideal for an inline mic option like a V
motive boom Pro the included cable is a
flexible black rubberized three meter
cable which is way too long for me but
you can find a ton of shorter cable
options on Amazon I’ll put a link in the
description for a couple I like you also
get the obligatory quarter inch adapter
so after the external run down a build
quality I was not expecting these to be
comfortable at all boy was I wrong and
there’s three factors that really
contribute here one is the angle of the
ear cups – these are very light on my
scale they weigh right in the
neighborhood of about 280 grams and
three because they’re open back they
don’t really care about forming a seal
up against the side of your head in
order to do their job so there’s a very
light like almost non-existent clamping
force here I mean just enough to stay
put on your head depending on your head
size but I’m personally really sensitive
to clamping force and I’m telling you
it’s not bad at all in order to make the
most of the angle ear cuffs for comfort
you may actually need to wear that
headband a little further forward or
back than you’re used to
I wear my considerably more forward than
I do on the rest of my headphones so how
do they sound I guess I should start by
saying that these are like the most open
headphones I own it’s not even fair to
say they leak sound they play audio at
about a third of the volume of whatever
you’re listening to inside the headphone
for music the hype is real you sound
amazing for 80 bucks the fact that these
ever cost $60 is a total mind-blower I
don’t generally get warm and airy from a
lot of headphones but that’s how I
describe these I feel a bit recessed
here not as much as like on the he4 xx
but it’s
who can sometimes hear highs as harsh
these headphones will never run the risk
of having harsh sounding highs but they
still present with a lot of clarity a
lot of separation a lot of detail if
anything I perceive these as being
mid-range focus they have a nice warmth
on the low mids and they achieve enough
bottom in to make things feel very
balanced there’s a shimmer you get here
that runs the full spectrum of audio
usually I only hear this in like one
section or another but this thing seems
to have this nice little Sheen that runs
across the entire mix the vocals
particularly male vocals are very rich
very forward and yet you really don’t
need an amp here but if you do feed
these some power that low-end really
springs to life bass response on these
is actually pretty surprising now
they’re not based monsters you’re not
gonna get low-end Rumble you’re not
gonna get sub bass it’s pretty
unrealistic to expect that from an
open-back headphone but especially when
amped you’re gonna get more than enough
bass here for the audiophile crowd
plenty of bass for like 95% of consumers
out there very capable for an open-back
set now the overall level of clarity or
detail is not gonna be on par with
something like a 6 X X but that
headphone costs like two and a half
times more and the fact that I can even
draw an immediate comparison between
those two says a lot here the imaging is
very solid in the sound stage for music
decent to like pretty decent but not
mind-blowing last thing I’ll say about
music listening over the past two weeks
these headphones surprised me on a
track-by-track basis there’s always like
one little element one errant high
symbol one little one off piano flourish
one low-end hit that has a way of
sneaking itself through the mix to the
forefront overall I’m very happy with
these four music now for gaming I was a
little skeptical going in so I played
and played and played mostly like
division two some nude on black ops for
this is a very capable gaming headphone
great imaging in game being able to
pinpoint sounds with no issue at all I
have another budget audiophile
headphones with a great reputation for
gaming the super luxe six six eight beat
I can tell you right now the SHP 9500 s
walk all over that super luxe soundstage
it’s definitely not the worst island
it’s not the best it’s better than most
any close back it’s better than the dt
770 i like it more than the image seven
five one four open backs it beats the
super luxe
it beats the 6 xx this is a bold
statement but I’m gonna say it’s pretty
much on par maybe slightly better than
the HD 5 8 X it’s not as
DT 990 it’s not as good as the k7 excess
this headphone like the 6xx holds the
mid frequencies really close to years
where the rest of the mix feels very
spacious and open now those recessed
high as I mentioned how do they play
four footsteps I didn’t have any trouble
with directional audio cues I thought I
might but a lot of it really depends on
the game engine black ops four for
instance is a really bass heavy mix some
of the footsteps are detected more in
the mid-range in the highs I was able to
detect enemies based on sound no sweat
but the bass was kind of a bit much on
this game I rolled off some of the
low-end if your audio solution has
something like a Scout or an FPS mode
use it for cry new dawn was interesting
because the rustling of the brush right
around me dominated the soundscape so I
brought the mids down a touch plenty of
bass punch on the gunfire and the
environment sounded big tracking
vehicles coming in from different
directions in the distance was easy
interesting side note here despite
having a lot of really strong external
DAC amp options I did the majority of my
testing with these headphones in gaming
on my real tech onboard both on the case
header plug which doesn’t have any
additional amp whatsoever
and on the rear plug which has three
additional levels of power they
performed great the overall clarity and
detail was only enhanced when I went to
an external option like the creative g6
which I will be reviewing very shortly
bottom line is these are going to be a
really strong option for pretty much
every gaming scenario with the only
warning being that if you’re playing in
a competitive situation these might
actually have a little too much bass
which is odd to say for an open back you
may find yourself in a position we need
to EQ that low end down a little bit
also no issues with really long sessions
no discomfort at all and they breathe
really well so there’s no heat buildup
so wrapping up here these are a beast
for 80 bucks you can add a V motive boom
pro for like $30 and now you have a
hundred and ten dollar gaming open-back
set up with spectacular music
performance that doesn’t need an amp but
could still benefit from one I’m gonna
preface this next segment by saying that
I actually haven’t heard the ATH 8500 X
but I have read loads and watched loads
of reviews about them I’m gonna
recommend these for anybody who doesn’t
have the budget for the HD v 8 X or who
can’t or doesn’t want to buy from mass
drop for whatever reason and half the
price of the 5/8 X you’re getting a ton
of value for money here in this
headphone like those is a solid
all-rounder again the fact that these
headphones can even be mentioned in the
same sentence as open backbones that
cost two times two and a half times as
much the fact that these ever cost $60
in the first place is
solutely insane to me as always I will
leave an affiliate link in the
description below if you’d like to grab
some for yourself any questions for me
hit me up in the comments I’ll do my
best to answer those for you and that’s
it for this time I’m Bribie thanks so
much for watching don’t forget to hit
that like button hit that sub button and
until next time stay up

Philips Headphones

Philips is a leading manufacturer of headphones and audio equipment, especially for home entertainment. The company produces high-end audio equipment that will fit perfectly with any style of personal computing. You can find a huge variety of Philips headphones in department stores and online shops. However, if you are a fan of audio equipment, you can easily find one of these headphones online at extremely low prices.

They can be easily connected through earbuds or even headbands. Philips makes a wide range of Bluetooth headphones that offer a high-quality sound-listening experience for people who want to listen to music. One popular example of their new wireless earbuds is the TAPHD8 Bluetooth Headphones. The TAPHD8 headphones are the perfect choice for those who want to have a great sound experience and not get frustrated because they can’t keep hearing that irritating buzzing sound.

Another advantage of these headphones is that they are cordless. This means you don’t need to carry around an extra cord with you while you travel or if you are going to work on your iPod or other portable devices. These earbuds are lightweight, which is also a major factor for many users who prefer wireless headphones.

Although Philips makes high-quality headphones, there are many other brands you can choose from. A number of other brands have started making affordable earbuds as well but the quality of these headphones is still quite low. There are even some brands that offer cheap headphones but provide you no good features.

In case you are looking for some cheap headphones, it would be best if you look for some of the discounted ones. They are not hard to come by and you should be able to get them at a lower price than any of the other branded brands. You can also try searching for deals online. There are many many websites and stores online that sell discounted Philips products. You just have to do a bit of research and you will surely find one of your favorites in no time.

If you are shopping for a pair of these Philips headphones for a child or for a friend, you should try to get a discounted pair that is not too expensive or if possible go for the brand that is popular among children. This way you can save some money for other things. There are also a lot of websites that sell discount Philips accessories. These accessories include cases, cables, earbuds, Bluetooth headsets, and even additional speakers.

Philips Bluetooth Headphones SHB3060
Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth Headphones
PHILIPS 8000 Series Headset

Philips Headphones Buyer’s Guide

Philips in-ear headphones

The Philips in-ear headphones have been designed for people who cannot muffle their surrounding sounds very well and they are certainly right to do so. They produce very clear and crisp music with a deep bass that makes you feel like you are at the middle of the ocean. The Philips In-ear Headphones uses advanced electronics and they do not even use wire to connect the two ear pieces. In order to help you find your preferred pair of Philips In-ear Headphones it would be wise to do a little bit of research before making a purchase.

By doing some online research you will be able to find out which model of Philips In-ear Headphones is best suited for you and your lifestyle. The best feature that you can get from these headphones is that they do not block out external noises. You can listen to your favourite tracks through one set of these headphones and you will not have to get up to move from your comfortable sofa to sit on the floor listening to your tunes. Another great feature of these headphones is that they are extremely durable and therefore, you do not have to worry about them wearing off in a short time.

In order to ensure that you purchase a high quality pair of Philips In-ear Headphones it would be wise to do a little bit of research before spending your money at the local store. There are many retailers online that offer discount prices on these headphones. It is important to make sure that you do not end up buying fake Philips In-ear Headphones as there are many retailers out there that sell knockoffs that will not last even a few weeks. You do not have to worry about your Philips In-ear Headphones as they are made using the highest quality parts. You do not have to worry about changing batteries or repairing them because these headphones have a guarantee. If you want to listen to your tunes with clear vocals then you will definitely love these headphones.

Philips Bluetooth headphones

Philips is one of the top manufacturers of Bluetooth wireless headphones. The company boasts of producing high quality sound products that cater to different consumers depending on their audio preferences. This has given Philips an expansive market share, which is why it offers its headphones in many different colors and styles to suit every need. If the idea of buying a brand new pair of Philips Bluetooth headphones makes you curious, you could save time and just look for other consumer reviews written by experts to better understand how well the product performs and meets consumers’ demands.

Among the most popular features of Philips Bluetooth headphones are its lightweight design, battery life and noise cancellation. The lightweight headphone design comes with detachable cable allowing you to bring the device anywhere in your room without the hassle of wires and cords. The built-in speakerphone functions well when used on the move as it is very lightweight and light. In fact, the battery life of the Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones lasts up to eight hours while the battery life of the battery is not much considering the device weighs less than a pound.

Noise Cancelling Headphones from Philips are not only great performers, they are also very reliable. Many customers have experienced the same excellent quality sound of the Bluetooth headphones despite there being loud sounds in the surrounding. However, you would probably be asking yourself why Philips Bluetooth Headphones can stand loud noises so well. Well, the reason is simple-the Noise Cancelling feature of the headphones uses two small microphones that pick up the surrounding noises and convert them into a sound. This ensures that you get the crisp and clear sound without having to subject your hearing to the slightest background noise.

Philips noise cancelling headphones

Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones is extremely popular, and well worth the money if you can afford to pay for top of the range high quality headphones. Although these particular headphones have an incredibly large range of advantages, one of the main disadvantages is that they can be a little difficult to find in stores. However, there is an easy solution to this – it is possible to buy them online. Although some people might not think that it is possible to buy a pair of headphones on the Internet, it is actually very easy and many people do just this to save themselves a massive amount of hassle and possibly even money in the long run.

If you are looking for a pair of Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones then the best place to start looking is online. The reason why is because you will find literally thousands of products on the Internet which are all offering the same price or even cheaper prices than you could purchase from your local store. There are several different reasons for this, but in general it comes down to the fact that the internet allows you to do comparison shopping. What this means is that you can easily compare each and every model against each other to make sure that you get the very best deal possible. When you consider the fact that you can actually buy new headphones on the Internet when you need to without having to go through any hassles, it makes it even easier for people to find the best deals. Another advantage that you will notice is that you will often find discounts available as well.

In addition to getting great prices on Philips noise cancelling headphones, you will also discover that they are much more flexible than other types of headphones. Many people often struggle to hear what their neighbours are saying over the other noise, and this can really cause problems when you live in a house where everyone else’s sleep schedule is absolutely perfect. Although some people will notice that it is a little bit of a pain having to adjust the volume during dinner time, it will be worth it in the end. If you are someone who likes to listen to as many different types of music as possible, and you work all night then this type of headphone will definitely benefit you. Once you have gotten used to wearing them, you will find that you never want to get rid of them again.

Philips open back headphones

Philips open back headphones are among the best selling on the market today and have proven to be a good investment. The Philips headphone range include cans, earphones, and portable music players. All of these products have been designed with top of the line technology in mind and come with an impressive warranty. The Philips Sonicare opens back headphones are among my personal favourites, there simply is nothing like them, I just wish I had spent more money on them when they were first released. They are very reasonably priced and are proving to be worth every penny.

The only cons I can think of with the Philips Sonicare headphones are the fact that they tend to be a little bit on the warm side, although I don’t find this to be a problem at all and I am very used to it. The sound quality though is very clear and crisp and you can clearly hear each and every instrument in the mix. The built in noise cancelling feature on the Philips does help to eliminate most of the external noise. In terms of the build quality, the headphones are well built and feel solid. The build quality on the headphones from Philips is generally very good.

The sound stage on the Philips Sonicare open-back headphones is not as great as some of the others on the market, but to be honest I am not really bothered by it, the sound stage on the Philips is on par with many top of the line headphones. These headphones however do tend to take away some of the natural sound quality. Another thing I am finding with the Philips Sonicare open-back headphones is that they tend to be rather heavy, this may be because the earpads are full sized which is great for providing the natural sound stage that many compact headphones provide. With the weight on the Philips it does create an easy fit.

Philips closed back stereo headphones

The Philips closed-back stereo headphones are a great buy. They are relatively inexpensive compared to high end audiophile headphones. They are incredibly popular and are extremely comfortable to wear as well. The headphones have three tiny little buttons on each side of the headband that does something rather unique. When pushed, they will cause a flicking sound that is not like any other button on a headset. Pressing them again will make another sound that is more consistent in frequency. There are also times when pressing the buttons will make the headphones buzz out an audible squeal.

I have used these headphones for years, from casual listening to music over the computer to watching videos. I really appreciate the fact that there is such incredible sound quality. The headphones are just as good as many I have heard that cost double or triple what the Philips closed back cans cost. The best feature of all is that the headphones stay quiet while you are wearing them. I find it hard to believe that anyone could be upset about this feature. The sound quality of these headphones is top notch.

Philips kids headphones

Philips kids’ Headphones offer a great range of products that have consistently delivered great sound quality for many generations of children. Over the last 2 decades, checked 8 leading quality Philips kids headphones products from across the world. Check that children’s headphones best suits you. Search according to brand, style, model, fit and connectivity.

If you are looking for kids Bluetooth Headphones, there is a range of Philips child & baby headphones to look through. The latest models of Philips baby wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to make both audio and video usage more interactive. It is very easy to use as the Philips App comes with step by step instructions and other support tools. As an added advantage, the Philips Baby Noise cancellation headphones also produce a low sound level, which helps in keeping your kids entertained for hours without disturbing others around.

Philips baby headphones use advanced technology and they are stylish too. You can get the best price on this product by shopping at an online outlet. There are numerous online stores that specialize in selling baby audio products. All you need to do is search for the right product and make your purchase from there.

Philips sport headphones

If you are then you have come to the right place to find all your sports headphones needs. These new headphones from Philips sport are great for any type of athlete or sports enthusiast. There are several models available that can be used on the go or at home. All of the headphones have excellent sound quality, so if you are listening to your favorite music these are sure to do a great job.

The newest headphones from Philips are the STPGR-X sport, which is designed especially with active individuals in mind. The in-ear sport headphones are made using acoustic technology and they work to reduce outside noise. The second in Philips’ line of headphones is the STPGR-Xb which also has acoustic design and they work well for active individuals. The last in the line of sport headphones is the Philips VOX 7.0. This model has been designed especially for loud music fans, but it works extremely well for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

These three headphones by Philips all have outstanding sound quality, which makes it easy for you to determine which one you are going to buy. The style of the headband is very important. Some people prefer to wear their Philips sport headphones with their favorite in-ear sports headphones; however, I think that you should be able to use any pair with any other brand. The most important thing is that you enjoy your gaming or work experience while wearing your new pair of Philips sport headphones.

Philips O’Neill headphones

Philips O’Neill headphones are one of the most respected names in sport headphones. For more than 20 years, Philips has been a trusted brand that delivers innovative products that keep you up to date with the most current audio technology. Philips O’Neill headphones are the most popular of all their products, but it’s easy to see why. With their state-of-the-art noise canceling abilities and sheer durability, Philips continues to be a stellar player in the audio industry.

Since its humble start in socialism, Philips has been a leader in musical innovation. In today’s competitive world, it’s easy to see why they have remained relevant and dominant. In addition to their renowned high quality headphones, Philips O’Neill headsets and other audio devices offer users everything from the convenience of a flexible battery and cord storage, to the ultimate in noise cancelling technology and maximum durability.

When choosing a pair of Philips O’Neill headphones or any other over-ears, you want something that will offer you the utmost in comfort and durability as well. In fact, the company even sacrifices a little bit of style for their superior fit and long-lasting life span. Philips O’Neill headphones are made with a very tough polycarbonate ear frame and ear cushions. These cushions are diecast with anodized aluminum backings for a lightweight and strong design. The headphones are also with rubber ear pads for a secure fit and powerful noise cancellation. No matter what sports you are participating in, Philips makes the perfect combo of power and style.

Philips ActionFit headphones

Philips ActionFit Headphones is great for exercising. With the Philips iSwiss Wireless Fitness headphone, you get maximum fitness. The Philips ActionFit headphones are ideal for exercising with the wireless technology and the built-in MP3 player that enhance the workout experience. We are impressed by the high sound quality from the Philips ActionFit wireless headphones, since they fulfill very specific requirements when it come to wireless sports and on-the-ear delivery delivers a cut above the over-the-top earbud variety that is common with this genre. The battery of the Philips ActionFit headphone also lives up to its promise of delivering extreme endurance; we have been using the same pair for a couple of weeks and have so far received satisfying results.

When it comes to wireless sports headphones the most important thing is the receiver. With the Philips iSwiss Wireless Fitness Headphones you get a clear audio and easy to use controls. The shq5200 on-ear headphones deliver fantastic bass but do not sacrifice the speaker quality as some cheaper wireless headphones. You can clearly hear your favorite music without any problems with the clarity and sound, which is something else that sets the Philips Fitness Headphones apart from other brands.

The battery is definitely one of the best features of the Philips ActionFit Wireless headphones, which will enable you to get a full workout without having to worry about recharging or buying a new pair. After charging the headphones, you can go ahead with your workout without any fear of the headphones shutting down or getting weak. The two earpieces each deliver a clear audio and easy controls, which make them very popular with fitness buffs. The on-ear design of the Philips ActionFit Wireless headphones ensures a great fit with most helmets and also prevents shifting while you exercise. You would never have to worry about getting the headphones tangled up, thanks to the durable wire and heavy duty clip.

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