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Otium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Overview

hey guys today I wanted to do a little
review for something that I’ve been
really really impressed with and that’s
these Bluetooth headphones I purchased
off Amazon they just come under the name
Artyom headphones otm bluetooth
headphones I will link in the
description you know to you know the
exact link to the ones I purchased
because there’s a lot of awful ones
there that looked pretty much similar
but you know I’ve only really tested
these ones so I can only go by and buy
this but yeah these these headphones
they were roughly 17 pound bluetooth
yeah I mean I’ve just been so impressed
but I just want to talk about some of
the features and then at the end of the
video I’ll show you just like a
six-minute clip montage of be doing you
know different things at the gym
different exercises you know different
different ways in which you know the the
headphones were tested you know for
their comfort and the stability because
they are can advertised as like a
sporting headphone for you know for the
gym so just a few different exercises
and different ways in which I’m working
out to show you how they you know they
stay on perfectly and they you know they
do a great job but other than the
instructions let’s show you what you get
when you purchase these headphones so
you obviously get this nice little
carrying case protection case has one of
these little clip things there and it’s
quite durable you know you can squish a
little bit but it’s you know it’s like
quite sturdy there and it’s a perfect
little pouch just to keep and the
accessories that come with it and the
headphones in and you just throw that in
your back so this is what you get when
you open it you obviously get the
headphones themselves and yeah inside
the pouch nice little area there for the
headphones enough room to keep the
USB cable that comes with it then you
get a bunch of you know additional sizes
I’ve just kept the standard ones in
there that came with it about to change
the light yes enough to enough space to
hold everything in I think that’s a
great feature for that the simple fact
that you’re only paying 17 pound for
these Botev headphones up to get you
know I kiss with all this you know to
hold all the stuff in that favorite I
think it’s great
so yeah the USB cable if we’ve gone to
the headphones and take a closer look at
these I’ll give you like a course up
look at them first just seeking gonna
see what they look like they did come in
another color a blue color that’s pretty
much it there you can see how they were
side so this is the left one the left
one is just the the earpiece with the
nothing nothing else on there the right
one is the one that has all the all the
buttons on it and of course you’ve got
this little band here that goes around
the back of the neck and which if you
can see there it’s a good little good
bit of length there but the the right
ear piece is the one that’s called the
features on it so if we look firstly
here that is actually a button so the
red bit there you can you can just click
that red bit in and hold it in to turn
on and it will it will actually tell you
so it will say it headset on if you hold
it in again it will say your headset off
and also works as the play and pause
button as well up on the top we’ve got
these I think in the lighting we’ve got
these buttons here for next track or
back backwards so if you hold it in it
skips forward if you hold in the other
one it will skip backwards and it also
works as the up and down volume buttons
as well on the side here I will show you
once I connect
to my phone actually I can’t because I’m
recording something but this little bit
here hopefully is yeah you can see that
little indentation there that lights up
to let you know that it’s connected all
the way up blue when you’re connected
and yeah just let you know the other
site here on the bomb you’ve got this
little rubber bit that peels away here
to reveal the charging but here for the
headphones and that just tucks away in
nicely there so onto the the here
normally I don’t like this normally when
I I’ve always up until these headphones
I’ve always wore just the idiot ones
that plug into your phone just go
straight interior I’ve never been able
to find these comfy they always feel
hard and irritate my ear
after I can only wear them for like
15-20 minutes and then they you know
they just they’re sore and my either
they even leave me want to scratch my
ear and stuff is just so everything the
one thing I noticed about these
straightaway is that they are very
flexible I mean look you can twist them
around and they are very flexible and
loose I actually thought that was gonna
be a negative feature of them but when I
put them on you actually realize that is
the hook in perfectly they hook around
get here but my extra flexibility it
just gives them so much more comfort if
they really do feel great if you’ve
never worn like me things like this you
might take like you know like a you know
like a couple hours to get used to it
but I put them on and they were kind of
like I was you know feeling I was aware
they were there because I could feel
them for like the first 15 20 minutes
then when the music when I put the music
on I was on the bus you know like an
hour later I’d completely forgot that
they were there they just felt like
normal in here
I completely forgot about it the the
headphones themselves they stay really
really secure on your on your head they
they really don’t I mean there’s not
been not that I can think of any
situation where I’ve had to you know
adjust it because I felt like it’s gonna
fall off and that is just a great
feeling at the end of the video like I
said you’ll see all the different
scenarios of me using them doing way is
doing you know the the treadmill doing
the Stairmaster doing exercises on the
mats and I never once feel like they’re
slipping out like I always did with my
previous earphones and I always had to
adjust my free video phones and as well
with the the fact that you’ve not got
that wire dangling down you know across
your chest because the only wire here is
hooked on the back of your neck it just
makes you feel so like you’ve got so
much more freedom with these onto the
sound quality the sound quality is
fantastic very very loud if you if
you’re somebody like me who’s got like
really bad hearing and you need to have
your stuff on quite loads let me just
show you an example of what I was
previously using I was previously using
things like you know this or mp3 player
here because I or I was using you know
mice and discs and that was because I
never like to use my mobile phone for
the main reason that my phone itself
which I am using as a kind of gate for
this video because it’s recording the
using the GoPro app but if you actually
see there my phone itself is actually
quite a big heavy smart not heavy but
you know it’s quite a big smartphone
like most smartphones are these days and
having that in your pocket when you’re
at the gym and stuff it was just not
really something that I I wanted to do I
wanted to have something light like this
and for the main reason that you know
because the wires coming down to it and
it has to stay
connected to their but these little
things here they’ve just got such I mean
I can put them up full volume and I
really just don’t get anything every
time I still feel the he’ll be actual
music in the genie over over this it’s
just I mean they’re great little mp3
players but you just don’t get a lot of
sound out of them these however the I’ve
had to turn them down a little bit and
on certain types of music because they
get so loud and I absolutely love them
for that because like I said I really
like to have stuff really loud I’m at
the gym it gives me a good boost to you
know get me going as well as on the bus
and stuff on the way to work they’re
just fantastic so audio quality is great
with across all kinds of music I mean
guys you are paying well a 17-pound and
you are getting something here that just
sounds fantastic
you can go and get you know some quiet
comfort Bose headphones or beats or get
the new Sony
there are three hundred dollars and
they’re gonna be fantastic they really
are but you can pay seventeen pounds for
something like this and it will do
almost just as good a job for the gym
and going to work if that’s all you’re
using it for and that really is the
honest truth when it comes to battery
life the is probably the only thing I’m
gonna say there is that sounds any kind
of negative about these because I’m just
really I’m 100% positive for these and
the battery itself I don’t even consider
this a negative it says seven to nine
hours on the box which i think is you
know quite fair thoughts about that what
I’ve noticed though is usually takes me
about 40 minutes to get to work and 40
minutes to get back obviously if I go to
the gym I usually go for about an hour
and a half I usually don’t go to the gym
more than you know four times a week so
maybe three four times a week so what I
tend to find is if I’m not going to the
gym for the week these headphones will
last me
the full week so what I’ll do is I just
wear them and then I’ll charge them up
on the weekend when I’m off and then
I’ll wear them again the full week and
they’re absolutely fine if I’m going to
the gym I like to you know throughout
the week I’ll tend to charge them every
4 days or something and that’s pretty
handy because I what I do is I actually
just take this external hard drive here
no hard drive what is it called an the
power bank sorry I don’t know I called
it that but I think this little anchor
power bank and I just put in the little
thing here and I throw it in my bag
maybe while I’m while I’m doing my
actual job if I notice is I’m the boss
or something cuts out and then I’ll just
put that in there to charge and then BAM
you can see the the red light just
ticking in there to let me know it’s
charging and I’ll just set that in my
bag because this always stays in my bag
and then a couple hours later I’ll take
it off and that’ll be them fully charged
so yeah I mean the battery life although
it’s not the longest for what you’re
paying for these and you know I think
it’s very reasonable and you know it
works for I need it for so else we’ve
got across the comfort the sound the
battery life dunno what else we can talk
about in some of the features trying to
think if there’s anything else I really
want to mention about these I mean what
what can you say other than you know 417
pounds you are getting a pair of
headphones that is completely wireless
obviously that’s just really more of a
support thing for the back completely
wireless great sound quality extremely
comfortable and comfortable I mean you
put these on and you just forget they’re
there after a while
you know they they just seem to be a
really good built pair of headphones
that are great for the gym great for
social life great for you know traveling
and they connect up to your phone pretty
much instantly if I connected these
right now it would say power on and bam
it would be connected up to my Bluetooth
if I turn it off my phone and turn it
back on they remember the connection and
they will always connect no issues when
it comes to range i mean i’ve i’ve used
in the video here you’ll see that I kind
of matted area of the gym I can put
these at one corner of that mattered
area and go to the complete other end
and yeah this signal still just as
strong just as clear it’s great I’ve
never had any issues where it’s you know
disconnected and whenever the whenever
the battery is law if it cuts off it
just pauses whatever I’m you know
listening to anyway so nothing leaks out
and yeah I just really highly recommend
these guys so hopefully you enjoy the
clips here of me trying to build my my
fat ass into something a bit more health
health healthy but yeah I’m really
enjoying wearing these and I just
thought I would give them a big shower
because normally I don’t bother I do you
know just a quick unboxing from little
things like this and then I’ve forgotten
about it but I was so impressed with
these that I just felt they really did
deserve the they can a little share that
I can give them so thanks for watching
guys and hope you enjoy
open I through the waves cut through
hypnotized by the sounds up breathing
man cold tight hold tight can’t make
calls can I hold tight pull tight

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