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live iLive IAEBTW59B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Sporty Hook, Charging Case, IPX Waterproof, Neon Yellow/Black reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive IAEBT449B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Charging Case, Sweatproof, Black reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive iAEB06BU Wireless Earbuds with Over the Ear Design, Includes 3 Sets of Eartips, Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive Platinum Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds, Include 3 Sets of Ear Tips and Micro-USB to USB Cable, Black (IAEP48B) reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive IAEBTW59B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
iLive IAEBT449B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case
iLive iAEB06BU Wireless Earbuds with Over the Ear Design
iLive Platinum Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds
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Product Page
live iLive IAEBTW59B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Sporty Hook, Charging Case, IPX Waterproof, Neon Yellow/Black reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive IAEBTW59B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Prime Benefits
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iLive IAEBT449B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Charging Case, Sweatproof, Black reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive IAEBT449B Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case
Prime Benefits
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iLive iAEB06BU Wireless Earbuds with Over the Ear Design, Includes 3 Sets of Eartips, Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive iAEB06BU Wireless Earbuds with Over the Ear Design
Prime Benefits
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iLive Platinum Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds, Include 3 Sets of Ear Tips and Micro-USB to USB Cable, Black (IAEP48B) reviewed by TreeThugger
iLive Platinum Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds
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iLive Truly Wire-free Earbuds Overview

hey YouTube today I’m gonna talk about
these wireless truly Wire free earbuds I
live now picked these up at a store buy
Mart and these I think these were around
I don’t know twelve or fifteen dollars
and at the time when I try to look these
up I didn’t really find me much of
anything useful about them so I decided
to make a video talking about these
earbuds and kind of just discussing what
I’ve experienced with them and it maybe
it’ll help you decide whether or not you
should buy them or not now are these are
these Apple headphones earbuds no
they’re not
do they look kind of like them yes they
do could they be confused as being them
yes they could be so if you want to look
like you’re wearing expensive iPod or
I forget what they’re called I’m not
that trendy apparently so apparently if
you want to confuse people you can wear
these and I’ll think that you got the
fancy apples stuff alright so like I
said twelve to fifteen bucks and for all
you impatient people out there was it a
good deal do I regret my decision no I
don’t for $15 this was a great Buy
I have no complaints at this point I’ve
had them for a couple days now I’ve used
them and I have no complaints for $15
they’re wireless and that is well worth
the money okay so let’s talk about what
I can talk about whatever I know about
these I live okay so they come with a
charging base which you can see right
here this top flips open and as usual
I’m one of those people that tries to do
something on one hand and fails
miserably alright so here we go they go
in there they slide right in if I can
get this open one hand they just pop
down in there they end it on the wrong
okay they go basically going like that
and that’s how they charge obviously
it’s a difficult thing to deal with one
hand so anyway that’s how they go in you
charge them like that and you let them
go I forget what the charge time is on
this Lucy here should be on the Bogside
hood hope okay so they do have a
built-in microphone by the way now
somebody complained they said they were
bulky they are not Apple you know
products okay if you want something
sleek and small then that would be the
Apple products but for $15 I don’t know
what they’re talking about with it being
bulky yes
is it kind of big in your ear yeah but
it still fits so I don’t know what the
complaint is all right so they like I
said they do have a microphone in them
in the bottom so you can like have them
connected via bluetooth and there’s a
microphone at the bottom and you can
talk to whoever you want to talk to I
use them to talk on the phone so let’s
see here let’s see if the box says we’ll
talk about the box okay the middle most
economic design fits comfortably in your
ear and they include recharging case not
only protects earbuds when you spell
that way but also recharge your earbuds
between your longest listening sessions
and then of course it says the
sensitivity the wireless range is 33
feet rechargeable your mother’s
rechargeable case microUSB cable and
charging case included it doesn’t say
how long it takes to charge I forget how
long it takes probably like two hours or
something like that maybe three but
let’s let’s ask this question should you
purchase these over the Apple products
if you can afford the Apple products
okay then no don’t buy these by the by
the Apple ones done but if you are on a
budget or you don’t care about Apple
products but you like the design then
wow these are a great buy for fifteen
bucks okay seriously you cannot go wrong
for $15 now one thing I did notice
looking at the box
it says on the box here it says warning
this product can expose you to chemicals
including lead which is another state of
California cause cancer birth defects or
the reproductive harm for more
information go to de Beauvoir this
product meeting complies with all
federal regulations now I assume that
either this these earbuds wherever
they’re being manufactured they’re
coming in contact potentially with what
lead paint or something or maybe even
this was painted with lead paint I have
no idea frankly I don’t know and there
is no way to know but there’s so many
products that have this warning this I
mean this could expose you to lead I
just don’t know and for frankly I
seriously doubt if they use lead paint
for this product that it would be legal
I mean I couldn’t imagine someone like
oh hey let’s use lead paint and let’s
just stick this in our ear so I don’t
think that’s the case I think more more
than likely it’s at some point in
manufacturing process it’s coming in
contact with lead and so for that reason
but it’s only speculation I just want
you to be aware of that in case you’re
one of those people that like me who are
concerned with being exposed to heavy
metals and things like that okay so as
you can see though this this is
connected to that microUSB and it’s
connected to my USB port and it’s gonna
charge once I have these in here but
let’s talk about it let’s look up real
close I mean they look pretty good come
on let’s admit they look pretty good and
so this button right here this button by
the way I’ve dropped these I have
legitimately dropped these and they
didn’t break so I’m impressed so this
button if you want to turn it on you
hope you or turn it off you hold down
that button and then it’ll turn on or
off so yeah so there is that so they
work individually they both have this
button on the side that that lets you
turn it on or turn it off hold it down
and turn on and hold it down and turn
off on off on off however you want to so
um you know when I go when I’m walking
and I have these in they don’t fall out
oh let’s talk about the sound quality I
have to admit for a $15.00 cheapy pair
earbuds like this wireless Bluetooth
earbuds I have to admit they have pretty
darn good sound I’m not complaining and
I’m kind of a snob when it comes to
stuff like that I would show you what
I’m talking about but this one to me for
another video I have another speaker
that I want to talk about it all
boom there it is that’s my my bluetooth
speaker okay anyway so I’m a bit of a
snob when it comes to my speaker’s sound
products things like that and I have
like I said I have to say for $15 like I
mean I’m like how can you go wrong by
buying these for 15 bucks I mean okay so
you hate them alright 15 bucks and then
it costs you 15 bucks for a pair of
wired earbuds practically so it’s like
here you got this Bluetooth you know
that has a microphone so you can you can
use it you know you can listen to phone
calls things like that talk on phone
calls for $15 and it does have this
pretty cool case that it charges in and
so you can just close it up take it with
you unplug this and and you know you’re
good to go there not to worry about
these things getting crushed or stepped
on or something like that but like I
said I’ve dropped one of these on the
ground from my height right so it was
like it’s 6 foot down drop probably less
than that but still and they did not
break they did not crack or break so
again for $15
now I’m not this is not a sponsored
video I’m not sponsored for making this
review I’m making this review because I
want you the viewer the consumer to have
somebody tell you what they think of
these earbuds these Bluetooth earbuds
and so then you can make a decision do
you want to spend the money to do it I
know it’s been eight minutes I know but
this is a very in-depth and entertaining
video so what can you do alright so yes
I would buy these again for $15 yes I
would buy them again and if you’re
saying the store like I was wondering
gee should I buy these are these any
good of these just junk it’s worth 15
bucks buy them trying out see what you
post a comment let me know see you next

iLive Wireless Earbuds

The iLive wireless earbuds provide ultimate convenience and flexibility with their advanced wireless technology that puts old standard corded headphones to shame. With up to two hours of battery life, you’ll have the freedom to be active without the worry of missing a beat when you have a call coming through. Even if you have an earphone or speaker phone, you’ll still have the freedom to keep going without having to pull out your phone.

These stylish wireless earbud headphones have been designed with a unique double-sided design that provides a comfortable fit on both sides. They also offer a secure fit with their shock-resistant feature, preventing the cord from pulling, twisting or causing any injury. You’ll love the freedom of not being restricted by standard earbud ear pieces because these buds are not limited to any one direction. If you want to look cool, dress up or work, these tiny little buds are perfect for any occasion. They’re so portable that they even look casual with jeans and a tee shirt.

One of the major reasons why these little buds are so popular is the ease in which they charge. With a rechargeable lithium ion battery, iLive wireless earbud’s can be recharged in just minutes. This means no searching for batteries underneath the seat or pulling out your phone to charge. Another added benefit is that this wireless model has no wire to disconnect during use. It’s truly convenient. If you’re a fitness buff looking for something to keep you motivated, the iLive might be perfect.

The lithium battery offers plenty of bang for your buck. At just over a hundred dollars, the I Livine is definitely more affordable than many top-of-the-line high-end fitness headphones. Still, it offers all the features you’d expect and more. For example, it has a built-in MP3 player, a control panel to access the Internet, a built-in memory card for storing files and more.

If the idea of wearing these headphones while working out scares you, don’t be afraid to take them off during your workout. The built-in rechargeable battery will charge just about anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power during your next workout. The iLive Wireless Earbud headphones have been designed especially with working out in mind.

The manufacturer of iLive Wireless Earbud Headphones has certainly made sure these buds are not only functional but stylish as well. The iLive is available at several different online retailers for an affordable price. So, if you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, or simply want to save money, this is probably a perfect option for you!

Wireless Earbuds
Connect iLive Bluetooth Headphones to iPad
iLive IAHB64 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headset

iLive Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

iLive Bluetooth headphones

The iLive Bluetooth headphones are the best ones to take with you on any long journey. They are really comfortable and light weight so they don’t weigh you down while you are on your travels. You can also travel long distances without the fear of your headphones falling apart or with battery issues. They have been used by people from all walks of life and all over the world. Even celebrities like David Beckham use the iLive Bluetooth headsets. This is because of the great performance they deliver and the overall value that they have to offer.

The iLive Bluetooth headphones are very popular with business travelers because they are very useful when it comes to working and staying up-to-date with the latest news. You can use these headphones to listen to your favorite mp3 songs or to hear your favorite radio stations. This brand is well known for its reliability and the durability of its headphones. Most people who have owned these headphones give high ratings to this brand. The people give these headphones high marks for their convenience, durability and design.

iLive truly wire-free earbuds

I Live Wire-Free Earbuds are designed in a manner to ensure that your ears are in total comfort and do not feel like they are being pricked or touched at any point during the listening session. These innovative earbuds use advanced technology that ensures that you get the purest audio quality and do not have any disturbances that can interfere with the quality of your music. These earbuds are designed to work completely in the background, so they are virtually undetectable and you can carry them with you anywhere. What’s more is that they are very lightweight and can be easily carried around. You don’t even have to worry about these tiny earbuds as they are designed to work perfectly with any type of Bluetooth device.

If you are looking for a good way to enjoy music in a small room then you can consider purchasing iLive truly wire-free earbuds. They are designed to fit well in any small room and they provide a high level of sound quality without using up much of your battery power. This means that you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks for hours on end, without having to worry about unplugging and recharging your Bluetooth device, every single time you wish to enjoy your music. These innovative earbuds will seamlessly blend with any type of Bluetooth device that you have, whether it is a phone MP3 player or gaming console. Simply slip them into your ear canal, make a sound and enjoy your soothing background noise.

As these iLive truly wire-free earbuds have been developed to ensure that you get the purest audio quality, so you are able to listen to your favourite tracks for hours on end. Sound quality wise, these little ear buds are extremely crisp and powerful, so you can really enjoy the experience of listening to your tracks. It also has built-in Bluetooth so you are able to enjoy your tracks wirelessly from anywhere in the house.

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