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Focal Open Back Over-Ear Headphone reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Elegia Audiophile Circum-Aural Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver) reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Clear Open Circumaural High-Fidelity Headphones reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Utopia High-Fidelity Open-back Circum-aural Headphones reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones (Cognac) reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Open Back Over-Ear Headphone
Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Closed-Back Circum-Aural Headphones
Focal Clear Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones
Focal Utopia Open Back Over-Ear Headphones
Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones
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Focal Open Back Over-Ear Headphone reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Open Back Over-Ear Headphone
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Focal Elegia Audiophile Circum-Aural Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver) reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Closed-Back Circum-Aural Headphones
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Focal Clear Open Circumaural High-Fidelity Headphones reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Clear Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones
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Focal Utopia High-Fidelity Open-back Circum-aural Headphones reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Utopia Open Back Over-Ear Headphones
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Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones (Cognac) reviewed by TreeThugger
Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones
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Focal Headphones Lineup Comparison

pho Kao is a frenched based company that
started in 1979 and has crafted a wide
range of audio equipment from headphones
to car audio in today’s video we covered
their high end headphones and compare
each one based off their sound and
defining qualities the four headphones
we will be looking at today are the VOC
how clear aleashia utopia and the new
folk house tell you the folk how clear
is one of our top-selling headphones and
has become a go-to for an open back
design the clear does a fantastic job of
creating a defined sound stage without
sacrificing low ends the bass is tight
and very defined with a great natural
texture instruments sound like they’re
coming from outside of the headphones
the impedance on the folk how clear is
55 ohms meaning they can be powered
using a portable audio device or laptop
however it is highly recommended to use
a headphone amp to hear their full
used in many folk out headphones the
clear utilizes a M shaped inverted dome
loudspeaker to produce full and accurate
sound along with frequencies that go
below and above the range of human
hearing when testing the folk how clear
we immediately noticed how comfortable
they are the ear pads and headband
feature microfiber wrapped memory foam
designed to fit firmly while remaining
breathable and soft this is a feature
all of the folk out headphones in their
upper in have great comfort the folk a
utopias are the open back big brother to
the clears while these headphones aren’t
for those on a budget they are
considered by many to be the best
sounding open back headphone on the
market at an impedance of 80 ohms the
Eutopia should be used with a good
headphone amp if you want to experience
their jaw-dropping dynamics with a great
amp you’re gonna get that wonderful you
are their feeling while listening to the
the Utopia can drop down to five Hertz
and can reach as high as 50 kilohertz
far beyond our range of hearing and even
higher than what some studio mics can
capture and while you may not be able to
audibly detect these frequencies they
add texture to the instruments like
pianos harps cymbals and brass
instruments the detail you get with the
utopia is unmatched by any other
open-back headphones we have ever heard
yet there is zero trace of harshness
with all this detail the utopias can
produce that elusive effortless sound
that makes us believe the performers are
in the room
the utopia only weighs about a pound and
features perforated ultra soft lambskin
leather on both the padded ear cups and
headband for extended comfort and
breathability making them extremely
comfortable allowing you to wear and
enjoy them for hours we feel that
utopia’s are worth every penny if you’re
looking for a high-end open-back
headphone that produces immersive sound
moving to a closed back design
focals elesia headphone was the first
from their lineup to not share the open
back concept the goal was to create a
headphone that was isolating but still
retained the sound quality of past
models even using elements from both
their structure and materials with an
impedance of 35 ohms they can be powered
by a laptop or smartphone making these
an easy mobile option the closed back
design ensures isolation from outside
sound wherever you are and also makes
them a great choice for the office as
your neighbors will not be able to hear
them playing like an open back model
although an important benefit
portability wasn’t the most important
design element in creating these
headphones to make the elesia what beau
cow refers to as the first audiophile
circumaural closed back headphones the
sound had to meet their high standards
so they added a 1.5 7 inch M shaped
aluminum magnesium dome a similar
loudspeaker to the folk how clear
even though the elesia shares the same
driver and materials as the clear they
don’t possess quite the same soundstage
which is to be expected with a closed
back design with that being said the
aleashia produces great bass and like
all of the folk house is very easy to
listen to the elesia have an amazing
wide soundstage that is very hard to
find in a closed back headphone with
great detail and tight accurate bass if
you’re a person who loves heavy low ends
these might not be the headphones for
you but if you want warmth then they’ll
be perfect today’s last headphone in our
lineup is the brand new flagship
closed-back design the vocal Stelio
while these are set at a higher price
point $3,000 they’re worth every bit if
you’re a headphone enthusiast and have
the means to take these homes in fact
these are one of the most impressive
headphones that we have ever tested hats
off to the poke out ii the focus Telia
shares the same dome material in shape
as the $4,000 utopia but with the
impedance of the elesia the frameless
voice coil and close back design make
thus Telia the perfect headphone for on
the go or at home listening these are
just as comfortable as the utopia and
the overall design and color make these
an immediate eye catcher these
headphones make you want to sit and
listen to a full album after playing
just one song we didn’t know what to
expect out of a closed back headphone
with a beryllium dome after letting
these break-in for about 50 hours we
started our testing with the cord mojo
and we were immediately blown away the
low-end in the Stella is strong and
tight without being overpowering similar
to a high-quality floorstanding speaker
while the highs are clean and defined
with that effortless quality we heard in
the utopia with high quality headphones
you get a sense of room space and can
almost point to where each instrument is
with the isolation the detail of these
headphones they make you feel like
you’re part of the show now if you’re
searching for that perfect pair of
closed back headphones the focus Telia
is your answer
now each of these headphones have their
own price point and defining qualities
to fit your ear and lifestyle vocals
entire lineup is the result of 40 years
of innovation and craftsmanship and any
headphone of theirs will be an immersive
addition to your setup if you’ve been
looking for a high-quality comfortable
and great sounding headphone you should
highly consider folk out thanks for
watching if you found this video to be
helpful please like it and subscribe to
our channel on our Channel we review
great audio products from brands all
around the world

Focal Headphones

Focal headphones are very different from conventional headphones. They are usually worn by musicians as they offer more clarity and sound clarity. It is said that a musician is more likely to be a true musician because the music that he or she plays will be much better than the ones that were played before. With this, these headphones are known as the most important thing for a musician since they help them in producing great music.

There are several common types of headphones that are designed to provide a great listening and performance. These include those that are ear buds, full-size, and in-ear monitors. A headphone with a closed back would be good for those who have trouble hearing external sounds. The headphones that have open backs will allow you to hear all sounds around you.

In-line headphones are mostly used by professionals who are in the film and music industries. It is because they can produce clearer and better sound with the help of the in-line amplifier. When used to record a film or music recording, in-line headphones is also good to have because they help in recording clarity and fidelity.

When buying Focal headphones, you need to be very careful. You need to make sure that you are getting the right one. If you are not sure about anything, you should buy a pair that is made by Sony. This brand of headphones offers a lot of features and benefits to their customers. Most of them have very high-quality sound, excellent clarity, and excellent durability.

If you want to buy Focal headphones, you need to first check what kind of headphones you are looking for. Once you have chosen the right pair, you are now ready to enjoy your favorite music and listen to it perfectly.

You can find many styles and brands when it comes to Focal headphones. You will surely be able to find the one that is best suited to your needs. If you are someone who likes to listen to classical music, you will find the Sony in-line amp and in-ear headphones to be perfect for you.

When it comes to earbuds, there are many types of headphones that you can choose from. You can choose from a closed-back, open-back, noise-canceling headphones, and ear buds. You can choose from wired and wireless headphones. No matter what kind of headphones you want, you will be able to find them in a good price range.

If you are unable to find the right kind of headphones in the price range that you are looking for, you can always shop online. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get the Focal headphones that you want. The only thing you need to do is enter your favorite search engine and search for the brand and model of headphones that you want and then compare prices and brands to see what is available.

Focal Clear Professional Headphones
Focal Celestee Closed Back Headphones
Focal Clear Mg Headphones

Focal Headphones Buyer’s Guide

Focal Clear headphones

Focal Clear headphones are the perfect pair of headphones to equip the 1 5/8 ” (40mm) semi-open back headphones of discerning audio engineers and producers. To equip these open back headphones with the 1.5″ (39mm) precision M-shape inverted dome speakers; Focal created a new material, a magnesium semi-rimmed cone. This provides extreme accuracy to the reproduction of music. With the use of M&M technology (Magnesium Silicon Electroelastic), the headphones have a larger than life speaker cone for superior sound reproduction. The result is cleaner sound and powerful impact.

The open back headphones of Focal have an extremely flat frequency response, along with the ability to reproduce extremely deep bass sounds and strong mid to high tones. There’s also no need for the addition of an amplifier; the headphones have an audio output with one or two ohm speakers which will bring you the power you require for your needs. With an Focal Clear speaker cable, you can connect your headphones directly to the MP3 player and do your job. There’s also a remote control that gives you the freedom of controlling your volume and track selection from anywhere in the house.

These Focal Clear headphones have been constructed with the latest technology and they have a full range of features to protect your ears and your hearing. One feature of these headphones is a noise-canceling microphone that protects your hearing from outside noises such as conversations and TV shows. The microphone uses a diaphragm designed to cancel out external noise that would normally result in decreased clarity of your sound. There’s also an electronic voice coil that operates within the ear canal for the optimal performance from the speaker. The electronic voice coil is capable of producing the music that you want with complete clarity.

Focal Utopia headphones

Equipped with exclusive technologies, Utopia headphones deliver true clarity, realism, dynamic stability and neutrality, for truly supreme sound quality with unrivaled balance. They satisfy all the requirements required of top-quality headphones because of their elegant and sophisticated design and particularly to painful substance, like the carbon fiber ear cushions and genuine lambskin leather inlay. The three microphone capsules are extremely refined, delivering clear tones that perfectly match the listener’s lifestyle and preferences.

Utopia U2 headphones are also equipped with advanced sound engine technology that minimizes excessive sounds within the listener’s ear. For superior sound reproduction, the drivers are positioned on the outside of the ear, away from the ear canal to improve the bass response. The sound engineers employed the latest crossover systems with a number of separate power amps to supply sufficient power for the different components. The result is excellent reproduction of low and midrange frequencies to bring out the best of each sound component. The active noise cancellation system with powerful bass response leaves all of you with perfect soundscapes.

It is important for a driver to be knowledgeable about their equipment. Many leading manufacturers will include the drivers of their best headphone products at the factory and even offer them at discounted prices if purchased with the headphones. In addition, the cables are typically given at no charge with your purchase of Utopia headphones, and a limited warranty will be provided if you buy more than three pairs. This is simply one of many great deals provided by Focal.

Focal Elear headphones

The Focal Elear headphones series is a pair of high quality, closed-back earphones made from lightweight materials such as wood, aluminum and neodymium. The company states that the closed back design helps to eliminate echo and maintain the sound’s clarity and transparency, while enhancing the audio experience. They claim the Focal Elear headphones allow for quick, effortless adjustments of the headset’s volume while you’re driving, exercising, listening to music at a friend’s home or even at a crowded public place. The headphones can be worn comfortably over the ears with or without any additional ear pieces. Although they cost more than some competing brands, the Elear line offers superior audio quality with unbeatable value.

The earphones from Focal Elear come in two different formats, depending on what you want. You can choose from the Open-Back format, which allows you to freely tilt and rotate the head-phone to your preferred listening position. On the other hand, the Focal Elear Headphones has a Closed-Back format that requires you to lock the head-phones into a specific angle by pressing their open-back buttons. Both styles of the Focal Elear Headphones have built-in noise cancelling microphones to ensure that your voice remains unaffected by the outside noises. In addition, both styles of the headphones come with washable ear cushions so that they can be cleaned regularly without causing any problems.

As a company founded by a pair of audio technology professionals, Focal Elear headphones come highly recommended by industry insiders who are well aware that this is one of the best brands in the market when it comes to making earphones. Other advantages that have been reported include the fact that Focal Elear headphones can be used multiple times before they need to be discarded, along with the fact that they do not require replacement upon purchase. Another advantage is the fact that earphones from Focal Elear are also very reasonably priced, which makes them great for people on a budget. All in all, if you are looking for an innovative way to enhance your hearing, you might want to consider Focal Elear earphones.

Focal Spirit professional headphones

Focal Spirit professional headphones are specially designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of professional recording studios, home recording studios and broadcasting facilities. The engineers working in these studios all want and demand professional headphones with superior performance and unbelievable durability. And Focal Spirit was born to fulfill this need. The company’s innovative and highly functional design concept has enabled it to build a niche for itself in the extremely competitive headphones market.

With their patented Decca-like tonal reproduction, the Focal Spirit professional headphones let you get the perfect mix of clarity and neutrality to suit your every audio related requirement at the best possible quality. The supreme care paid to the manufacture of the mylar-plastic transducers enabled you to integrate extremely lightness, rigidity and high damping qualities to maintain the dynamic range of the sound signal without giving you any excess or unwanted sounds. When you need absolute quality sound reproduction at the best possible quality and the ability to extend its sonic variations to your ears, Focal Spirit is the brand to go for. You will find no other brand that can so thoroughly cater to the needs of recording professionals.

Whether you are mixing live songs, playing with virtual instruments or just want to enjoy the perfect music listening experience at your workplace, Focal Spirit headphones are going to be perfect for you. You can work for hours on end and never experience any kind of interference or feedback that can degrade your sound quality. The Focal Spirit headphones are also designed in such a way that they allow the natural airflow of air to flow over its cushions thus keeping your ears free of dust. This means that your headphones stay free from build ups of dust that can easily damage sensitive electronics inside your studio. Focal Spirit headphones are also very light in weight making them comfortable to carry around your whole day at work without having to feel any strain at all.

Focal Elex headphones

Made by Focal, an innovative company that excels at the art of perfection, Focal Elex headphones promise an extraordinary experience in headphone technology, combining superior noise cancellation and advanced acoustics to create a supremely balanced set of headphones that you simply can’t get enough of. Like its smaller sibling, the Focal Elex 2.0 are designed to combine supreme comfort with powerful audible quality, delivering a full range of capabilities in a pair of headphones that will astound you. If you’re looking for a set of headphones that will make you feel like you’re not even listening to a device, you have to look no further than Focal Elex headphones and headsets.

Elex 2.0 headphones use a revolutionary open back headphone design that allows for you to keep both your ears and the headphones free of unwanted debris and air. Made using Focal’s cutting-edge engineering and superior attention to detail, the Elex 2.0 headphones take a more radically different approach to active drivers, delivering a much better measured response across the board than other similar headphones several times its cost. They sport several upgrades to the audio itself, as well as some impressive new features. Among the upgrades is a new memory foam ear-pad made with Focal’s Memory Foam technology that creates a more responsive listening experience through a firmer cup.

In addition to the improved response and sound quality, Focal Elex headphones also feature a new design that minimizes the size and weight of the entire earphone system. Utilizing a system of double-sided tape to aid in the packaging of the Elex 2.0, the earphones are surprisingly small and light. The result is that you get an incredibly secure fit that should allow for comfortable long hours of listening without the chance of them coming out of your ears or becoming tangled up in your clothing. While the Elex 2.0 is the newest model available from Focal, many consumers remain faithful to the original model since it still outperforms most of the competition.

Focal Sphear earbuds

Focal Sphear earbuds are the cutting edge in high-tech headphones. With innovative technology based on SpheaR, Focal’s latest earphones create astonishing music clarity. They have a revolutionary new structure and are made from lightweight thermoplastic elastomer earbuds, custom designed for high fidelity reproduction. The patented Shape Memory technology means that these headphones will resist scratching for up to one year.

Focal describe their latest design as revolutionary. By breaking with convention and proving that high-quality in-game headphones can still be utilized for long hours on end with the least possible discomfort, sphear takes to bass-rich, music-filled sound to a whole new level. Sphear is extremely accurate, faithful to the original sound of Focal’s original mid-range sound driver, the “Spirit of sound”, and yet offers rich, harmonic richness, with no muffling, that even the most sensitive ears will love. In fact, many listeners report that they were surprised not to hear any background noise while listening to their favourite artists’ recordings with the Focal Sphear earbuds. The driver has a microphone built into its base, along with dual microphones, one positioned behind the listener for cardioid microphones and another positioned around the listener for field recordings.

The earbuds themselves are constructed from extremely durable materials, including a memory foam ear cushion for an extra soft fit, and a stainless steel ring for a secure fit and maximum durability. Focal Sphear earbuds are available in single earbud sizes but also offer large and extra large earbuds for larger faces. The in-ear nature of these earbuds means that you will not receive any feedback from your favourite artists’ recordings, nor will you likely experience any leakage through the earphones – a common complaint about many earbuds. It is worth noting that the stainless steel ring also offers a fantastic clamping force, which can make short earbud calls more secure. Overall, this model delivers above average audio quality and durability for a price that doesn’t bite much.

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