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Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag Metallic Black reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue LX200BF Fretless Series III Electric Bass Guitar Pearl White reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue VB100 Violin Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag
Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack
Rogue LX200BF Fretless Series III Electric Bass Guitar
Rogue VB100 Violin Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst
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Product Page
Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
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Product Page
Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag Metallic Black reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag
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Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack
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Rogue LX200BF Fretless Series III Electric Bass Guitar Pearl White reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue LX200BF Fretless Series III Electric Bass Guitar
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Rogue VB100 Violin Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst reviewed by TreeThugger
Rogue VB100 Violin Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst
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Rogue Rocketeer Guitar Pack Demo Video

I’m very excited for this review my
channel is he went rogue and I went out
and purchased a rogue guitar so usually
I’m against buying the guitar packs due
to the fact that they’re usually of
lower quality but I’ve had that opinion
for the past 10 years now and as 2019 so
I think it’s time to see if they up
their game
I want you all to know that this guitar
wasn’t given to me and it was purchased
with the intent of giving an honest
review so I couldn’t find much about the
rogue brand itself I do know that it is
a house brand of guitar center and
musician’s friend and both of those are
under the same umbrella same company I
wish I could give you more than that
hopefully I can reach out to them and
find out if you’re looking to buy this
guitar I suggest you check out Guitar
Center calm musician’s friend calm that
way you can get the best price they
often go on sale and I purchased this
one for a hundred and nine dollars
alright let’s dig in
all right so as you can see there was a
lot of packaging it does come with a
couple things so you do have a guitar it
comes with a 10 watt amp and let’s see
what else we have in here few things
back here instrument cable and a guitar
strap with a couple picks in there and
obviously a case so packaging is quite
got your whammy bar some Allen wrenches
here and I’m not gonna go over the specs
of this guitar if you want just check it
out on Guitar Center musicians friends
for an inexpensive guitar to me the
specs don’t really matter it’s just how
it feels how it plays all right so we
got all the packaging off and let’s
check this app so the color I got was
the wine burst I’m just gonna check it
to see if there’s any flaws in here so
far it’s looking great there’s a little
bit of packaging dust on it but is a lot
better looking in person than in the
pictures looking around not seeing any
major issues with the finish there’s a
couple you know less than great spots
around the pickup cavity but other than
that it is in great condition sticker
says that it is made in China
oh absolutely comes out of tune most
guitars do right kind of a stiff
selector switch here tone and volume
knobs are pretty smooth actually that’s
great as a straight neck it’s looking
pretty good
just put the Madi bar on now
all in all pretty nice I’m gonna check
for some fresh sprouts either any jagged
edges and no this is this is really good
the neck isn’t very isn’t very smooth
kind of grips onto your hands and it’s
got some loose hardware here I can I can
wiggle these tuning pegs but a couple
turns of the screwdriver and that should
be no problem
all right let’s tune her up all right
there you have it took a little bit to
get in tune could be just the stock
strings that they have on it I’m gonna
change them later but for now I want to
give this guitar a fair chance so I’m
gonna cut away for a bit kind of explore
this play on it a bit and when I come
back I will record a song using this amp
give you more of a demo and I’ll let you
know my final thoughts
all right so there was a little bit of
me playing the guitar I want to let
everyone know that this is all stock
I used the cable that it came with I
didn’t change the strings I know I said
I was but I wanted it to play just like
it would outside of the box so you can
hear it for recording I use the blue
spark microphone one of the original
versions of it one thing I did notice
about the guitar after playing with it
for a couple weeks it stayed in tune
very well every time I picked it up I
checked the tuner it was slightly flat
but that’s to be expected from just any
guitar another thing I’d like to point
out is I was wrong about the frets Prout
so the more I played with it the more it
kind of tore up my hands and it happened
down you know past the 12th fret is
where I really was feeling it and it
just scraped off a bunch of skin easily
fixed just file down the frets a little
bit but straight out of the box it could
hurt a little bit when you play in the
first position though you don’t really
notice it too much because your fingers
they’re not really up against the fret
board you’ll notice that as you go down
and with all that being said I do really
like this guitar it has a couple flaws
some jagged sprouts here and there but
other than that it’s a perfectly good
instrument definitely something you can
learn on and as far as the amp goes it
handled the Queens very well I found a
setting that I liked and I stuck with it
throughout playing I just switched the
pickups a little bit the dirty sound
though the drive it just it didn’t do it
for me I was tweaking it trying to find
some that sounded good and it all
sounded muddy every single setting I put
it on so I just kind of gave up and just
recorded what you heard this is an amp
that you expect to gig with anyways this
is something just to practice in your
bedroom maybe along with a drummer on
tronic kit don’t try to play with an
acoustic drummer it’s not gonna work
you’re gonna have to dial it all the way
up you might blow a speaker and it’s
just gonna sound bad the more volume I
gave it the worse it sounded you’re also
not gonna want to record with this
because why when you can just use your
DAW and the amps that it comes with but
if you want to play metal or some sort
of hard rock I suggest that you get a
pedal if you have this amp don’t trust
the drive on it it’s not gonna sound
it’s passable for practicing but you’re
gonna sound very muddy well that’s all I
gotta say about this guitar I know
musicians friend and Guitar Center they
sell a deluxe version of this I would
love to get my hands on it and do
another review it has some added
features and hopefully they did a better
job on filing down the frets they also
have a 2-channel amp that’s a lot bigger
and from the looks of it my assumption
be the drive channel is gonna be a lot
better but I don’t know that one cost a
little more money I’m gonna reach out
see maybe they’ll uh maybe they’ll send
me one and I’ll get to review it I’ll
see you guys next time in the next

Rogue Guitars

The Rogue guitar is available in two finishes: sunburst, black and white. It is among the top five guitars for less than 100 dollars, there is no doubt that the headstock and saddle are wood and the nut is plastic. If you are thinking about buying a bass guitar, the Rogue is the way to go. This is not your dad’s acoustic. The sound quality is much better than most guitars that cost twice or thrice as much.

There is no question that when someone mentions the term Rogue, they think of low cost, but there are more to it than this. The quality of bass that you get is truly great. If you look at the quality of the neck, the action, and the tone, then it is hard to argue with any of these products. If you have seen the video and read the reviews, you know that you can’t really make a bad choice with the Rogue guitars. There is nothing wrong with paying a little more to get something that will last a long time.

If you are not sure which kind of bass guitar to buy, then the Rogue might be just the right one. You can’t really go wrong with any of their guitars. It is good to see bass manufacturers pay attention to the quality that they offer. If you are a person who enjoys playing music, then you probably like to listen to your music on the radio. Then you probably enjoy having a nice set of speakers around the house. The Rogue bass guitar is built very well and they even have matching amplifiers for those loud gigs.

The most impressive part about the Rogue is the price. The guitars are reasonably priced, but they do not cost very much. It would be hard to argue that the prices are overpriced at all. There are many people who are just trying to save money and want to get the best that they can for their money. They may feel that the Rogue guitars are too expensive, but it would not matter if they did not get the very best that they could for their money.

The Rogue guitars all come with a warranty. This is important because you want something that will be around for a long time to come. A lot of people buy the cheapest thing and then they find out that they have a broken guitar or two within a short time of owning it. The Rogue is an excellent brand because they stand behind the guitars that they offer. They do not want to ruin anyone’s instrument.

You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that does not work. If you are looking for the best, then the Rogue is the place to go. You will be happy with the product, sound quality, durability, and quality of the instrument. The Rogue has all of that and more.

Rogue RA-090 Acoustic Guitar
VB100 Rogue Guitar
Rogue CB60 Metal-Body Resonator Guitar

Rogue Guitar Buyer’s Guide

Rogue acoustic guitar

There is a great new invention in the world of guitars called the rogue acoustic guitar. The Rogue acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar that was designed and made in Japan by a self-professed “intellectual”, ie, a guitar designer, who happens to be a professional guitar player. The Rogue acoustic guitar is made by two men named Keiji Rogue and Shinya Yamane. They made their guitars using traditional rather than advanced musical processes. The result is rather impressive and is certainly more affordable than the other models of acoustic guitars being sold today.

Rogue acoustic guitars are their original home-brand and are produced in great-quality South Korea. They also have an internet presence for marketing and sales purposes. They have several models of spruce top guitars and all of them have been given a high score by guitar players all over the world. They have added a bit of a twist on the standard guitar sound by giving it a richer and fuller tone. The guitars have the most natural feel and tone from the beginning up to the end as they reach the bottom of the fretboard.

To get the best performance out of your Rogue acoustic-electric guitar, make sure you buy a good set of strings. You should also avoid spraying the strings with compressed air while cleaning them. Spray on the strings only. Also, don’t use too much power when you are learning to play your guitar because it will wear out the nut which will lead to poor tone and a difficulty in maintaining the neck straight. If you follow these things, you will soon have the best guitar playing you ever had.

Rogue acoustic electric guitar

The Rogue acoustic electric guitar is truly a great value for an acoustic guitar! If you’ve been looking for a solid, reliable guitar that’s built to last, and is well-built enough to entertain friends and family for years to come, then here’s your chance at a solid all around guitar. The Rogue Acoustic Electric Guitar is perfect for both beginning and advanced guitarists alike, because it is quite forgiving and relatively easy to learn, with its many versatile sounds and effects. You also don’t have the hassle (and noise) of having to deal with complicated electronics, and you save money on high quality equipment too. Here is a quick video overview of the Rogue Acoustic Electric Guitar:

You can definitely t beat the great features you get for so little: real wood body, authentic tuned tuning machines, high quality Martin strings, and a preamp/pedal system with a Fishman Classic four-string pickup/preamp set up so you can plug into any amp and play screaming cleanly. And just like any acoustic guitar worth buying, it comes complete with a warranty too! There is also a bonus video by Dan Gibson, which really showcases not only the Rogue acoustic guitar, but explains how you will be playing your guitar best with the help of this great learning aid. And if you’ve never been able to play acoustic guitar (or any guitar for that matter), then I suggest you take a gander at this video, as it really showcases the power and versatility of the Rogue guitar. So no matter who you are or what kind of music you enjoy playing, this product can help you make the most of your guitar playing time.

To sum it up, this is definitely a great sounding and performing acoustic guitar. So if you want a solid, reliable acoustic guitar that won’t break the bank, check out the Rogue acoustic guitars. You won’t be disappointed.

Rogue bass guitar

Many beginning and experienced musicians are interested in learning to play the guitar, but many others leave the genre altogether. This is a shame, as there are many wonderful options available for those willing to commit time and effort to learning the basics. One of the best choices for someone just getting started is the Rogues. A Rogue bass guitar is a great way to get your bearings if you’re new to playing the guitar, and the low cost of the instrument will allow you to buy several to slowly expand your musical tastes over time. There are many variables which determine what type of bass guitar you should ultimately choose, so I’ll discuss some of these here.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a baritone guitar set is the style of the bass itself, and whether you prefer alder or maple. Alder basses have generally been traditionally made with a hollow body, which is to be expected given the traditional nature of the wood. If you are looking for a bass that sounds hollow, you may prefer the rogue vb-100. A hollow body on a maple bass can sound completely different than a similar made from a regular bass, so this factor may be important to you.

Another important factor that may influence your decision is whether you want an acoustic bass guitar or an electric one. The difference between acoustic and electric bass guitars is the amount of amplification that is required; guitars which require the use of an amplifier tend to have double the number of pickups as guitars that do not. You may also be interested in electric bass guitars, particularly the rogue series, which has a variety of features designed specifically for those players who enjoy experimenting with their sound and want a more full range of tones and volume. If you don’t mind a bit of extra work with your equipment, an electric bass guitar is the way to go.

Rogue resonator guitar

As with any guitar, it is important to learn how to tune a Rogue resonator guitar before going out and buying one. It is possible for a guitar to be tuned manually, but this can be a daunting task for the novice guitar player. After all, even the best players in music history did not reach their current levels of playing without trial and error. The great thing about a guitar tuner is that it allows you to manually fine tune the guitar so that it sounds right when you are playing solo breaks or playing a full band gig. There are many places online where you can find tutorial videos and guides to help you do just that.

If you are a beginner and do not have much experience at all with musical equipment, then learning to use the Guitar tuner is something you should take seriously. After all, if you mess up on the tuning, you will be at a loss for how to play anything. Learning to do this can take a little bit of time, but if you want to be a professional guitarist, this is a vital aspect of your career. Sooner or later, you will need to take your skills to the next level and learn to play solo on your guitar.

The rogue resonator is a great way to practice solos as well as small group projects such as finishing off a demo CD or a short demo that you made with your band. A guitar tuner is a great tool for both new beginners and experienced players to make sure that all the notes are in time for when you want to play. When you are playing with others, there are times when you may want a quick change of the song lyrics. This can be done quickly with a manual tuning. However, with a manual, you have to start all over again. This can get a bit tedious especially when you are playing with a band that is jam packed and you need to change songs mid-performance.

Rogue steel guitar

If you have been wandering for something to do in the park or the mall but are afraid of the crowds, then go with a Rogue steel guitar. A guitar that gives you the freedom to perform without having to fear of being embarrassed is what you need in order to make your show a success. The Rogue RLS-2 Magnetic Gig Bag and Magnetic Stand combines the convenience of an acoustic guitar with the durability of a metal guitar. What more could you ask for?

This is a fine time for you to get started with your new friend, Rogue steel guitar, the Eddy. It comes with all the cool goodies we have come to love from our Rogue guitars. From the matte black finish to the locking tuners, everything about this great sounding guitar says classy. We even got to see a little “training video” that included some of the great tricks we like to play on the guitar, and we got to see some cool tricks performed by the great David Cook on stage as well. With all that we had, we really needed to get out and jam for some good times playing the Magnetic Gig Bag and the stand along with the Eddy. If you are ready to rock the night away with a good dose of Rogue Steel tones, this is the gig for you!

Some of the best parts of the Rogue lap steel guitar and the magnetic gig bag are the knobs that are removable so you can place them on different guitars. For sure we will be seeing a lot of that on tour! The best part was the fact that it has a double strap attached to it which allows the guitar to stay on the shoulder unlike other bags that we have seen in the market that don’t allow you to do such. So now we have a cool looking guitar that is very functional and great for practising and having fun on stage!

Rogue 12-string guitar

The first thing you should know about playing the rogue guitar is that it is a great introduction to lead guitar for beginners. It gives you a feel for the types of sounds that are common on a real guitar, without you having to learn too much about the different models. This guitar has a fretted or fret-less neck, and it comes in either an E or B string. If you’re trying to learn this guitar for the first time, then you might want to choose one of these two strings because it has less strain on your fingers when you are playing.

The second thing that you should know about playing the Rogue 12-string is that you can use any of the three types of strings to create the different sounds that you want. You do not have to play using only the E or B strings if you do not feel comfortable with them yet. Playing the guitar without using these two strings produces a much richer sound than when you use them. The reason is because the E string has more weight than the B string, and so it tends to produce a deeper sound when you play it. When you use both of these two strings, the sound is much softer.

In addition to the rich sound that it produces, the Rogue 12-string guitar is also very easy to play. Even beginners can start off playing it just fine by just strumming a few notes and moving up to more advanced songs. It does not take a professional teacher to help you learn to play, which is very nice because many guitar teachers are quite expensive and they do not teach you how to play the guitar the right way. Another nice feature about playing the guitar by yourself is that you can take it apart and do your own repair work on it.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. It’s all right. There are definitely several corners cut during production and assembly, but for the price and with a little effort, this bass is actually very fine. I worked hard, as I always do, to get the bass running on all cylinders. I began by polishing the fretboard, replacing the nut, changing strings, and intonating the bass. The factory strings buzzed on the G string and had a low E that was flubby. I put on some cheap Fender flatwounds, which sound much better but lack some of the smoothness and comfort of the original strings. The bass is audible when plugged in. The wiring and components are subpar, but at this price… I’ll be replacing all circuitry and copper shielding the guitar as soon as possible.

    The dot markers are another thing I’m working on. They put the dots as if the bass had frets, so to play in tune, you must play in front of the dots, which is disconcerting and inaccurate. I’ve drilled out the side dots and want to fill them with black markers before installing new white dots at the points of contact, just like a fretless should.

    It’s light and comfortable.
    The acoustics are adequate.
    The bridge, knobs, tuners, strap keys, fretboard, paint job, and fit and finish are all satisfactory.
    Mine plays well, sets up well, and is consistent all over.

    Bridge screw that has been bent.
    The side dots are placed incorrectly.
    Pickups and gadgets are both loud and inexpensive.
    There are some flaws on the fretboard.
    The nut was of low quality.
    Factory strings aren’t very good.
    There is no case or gig pack.

    Overall, I’m pleased; it will just take some more time and money to fine-tune it to the standard I need.

  2. This Rogue acoustic guitar was an excellent purchase. We bought it for our son, who is very musical but has never tried his hand at guitar. It’s a full-sized guitar, and after doing some pre-purchase testing, I discovered that it came highly recommended and was reasonably priced. It’s fun to play and a good place to start. We have since replaced the strings on the advice of my guitar-playing nephew, and the guitar is now easier to play as a result, but otherwise, this guitar looks and plays very well and is a good place to start for a new or even intermediate guitarist.

  3. This lap steel guitar is ideal for me as a seasoned guitarist who is new to this instrument. It sounds great, looks great, is really sturdy, and comes with a handy screw-in 3-leg adjustable height stand. To get the best swell effect, I paid twice as much for a top-of-the-line Hilton Pro Guitar Limited Edition volume pedal. (The Boss volume pedal on my pedal board wasn’t cutting it for this purpose.) I’d like to perform it with my UU church band when we resume in-person services someday. Unfortunately, it seems that I would have plenty of time to become proficient in it.

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