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TAOT Wiring Kit for Precision Bass P-Bass - Orange Drop Cap reviewed by TreeThugger
Bass Wiring Harness Prewired Kit for Precision Bass Guitar 250K Pots 1 Volume 1 Tone Jack reviewed by TreeThugger
Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Precision Bass reviewed by TreeThugger
US Spec Wiring Harness Kit for P Bass CTS Pots .047uf 716P Orange Drop Cap reviewed by TreeThugger
Hosco HKC-CKPB Pro Precision Style Bass Wiring Kit reviewed by TreeThugger
TAOT Wiring Kit for Precision Bass P-Bass
Kmise Bass Wiring Harness Prewired Kit for Precision Bass Guitar
Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Precision Bass
US Spec Wiring Harness Kit For Precision Bass CTS Pots
Hosco HKC-CKPB Pro Precision Style Bass Wiring Kit
The Art Of Tone
Emerson Custom
Axegrinderz Guitar Tone Products
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TAOT Wiring Kit for Precision Bass P-Bass - Orange Drop Cap reviewed by TreeThugger
TAOT Wiring Kit for Precision Bass P-Bass
The Art Of Tone
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Bass Wiring Harness Prewired Kit for Precision Bass Guitar 250K Pots 1 Volume 1 Tone Jack reviewed by TreeThugger
Kmise Bass Wiring Harness Prewired Kit for Precision Bass Guitar
Prime Benefits
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Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Precision Bass reviewed by TreeThugger
Emerson Custom Prewired Kit for Precision Bass
Emerson Custom
Prime Benefits
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US Spec Wiring Harness Kit for P Bass CTS Pots .047uf 716P Orange Drop Cap reviewed by TreeThugger
US Spec Wiring Harness Kit For Precision Bass CTS Pots
Axegrinderz Guitar Tone Products
Prime Benefits
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Hosco HKC-CKPB Pro Precision Style Bass Wiring Kit reviewed by TreeThugger
Hosco HKC-CKPB Pro Precision Style Bass Wiring Kit
Prime Benefits

Precision Guitar kits build 1959 Les Paul custom

I wanted to do a quick video on this
precision guitar kids 1959 custom built
I did it in kind of like a mocha first I
could say like you could see I guess
smoke it’s not a brown burst I use the
aniline dyes the hard night you like
lacquer gloss finish kind of did it to
where it’s not real glossy more of like
how a vintage guitar would be some
little dings and stuff this is a for a
flame top I ordered from precision
guitar kits it has the mattes care Garga
or whatever
Eponine fret board the block in lace I
got the mat a star or whatever you can
never pronounce that to have any fret
board because I like the green in it and
it’s not quite as hard as regular ebony
so you sort of get the the the Rosewood
feel but it’s a nice dark dark color and
I ordered it with a solid solid a
Honduran mahogany one-piece body kind of
hard to see the mahogany because I did
it in a dark dark brown and I just put a
thin flash coat of lacquer so you can
still see the grain it has a one piece
Honduran mahogany neck and the Grover
tuners really good guitar I had to put
Burt first first buck or two in
the bridge 57 classic in the neck it has
the Emerson bumblebee pots and it
and really nice guitars and I buy these
guitars precision guitar kids doesn’t
give me anything I spend my own money on
these so I’m not promote I’m not getting
anything from I just love dairy products
I mean they thought they had some of the
best woods
I mean superior quality wood to sound
this one kind of reads like a custom
about ten pounds so go it is solid
Honduran mahogany so it’s going to be
that weight to it but it has great great
tone to it and beautiful flame top
beautiful top on this I mean absolutely
stunning and you know what they they
built some I enjoy building my own stuff
I use hot high glue and in that tenants
it has to drawn that tenon so it’s like
a regular 59 I used a hot high glue for
the next just like to get some custom
shops and I can build them the way I
want them and if you notice they make it
so the bridges were all low to the body
it’s not way off the neck like Gibson’s
so they design their guitars so your
bridge is a little lower to the body and
it’s not the strings aren’t that crazy
which I don’t really care for strings
are off the body there are some
differences the precision they do make
their control knobs space and a little
smaller closer together they did not as
drastic art stop it’s more of a mellow
it’s decent though I mean it has a nice
arch to it maybe the 59 style where it
curves up a little bit around the back
edge curves up like the old guitar seems
to be like and their headstock is a
quite as angled as a
so the low more sturdier and but they’re
just high quality superior woods
compared to any other company even
manufacturers I mean a he’s some of the
best sound in words over I mean you can
hear the tone the quality and it’s
precision made I mean you put it
together it’s so easy to setup the necks
are always perfectly straight the necks
are always almost perfect I haven’t
gotten one yet that hasn’t had like a
perfectly straight neck once you get it
you do a quick little level with a long
you get a long level take tape or glue
400 grit sandpaper to it and you just
put the next street with a straight
lower with the I cut out the grooves for
each fret and put the straight edge
ruler on there and get the light and
that perfectly level and then I just
take to a level one of those long levels
with the sandpaper and just lightly go
over just to get it put like black
marker lines on each fret so then you
can see when you get each line off the
fret then that means it’s perfectly
level just use like an 800 1200 3000
grit sand papers and then you’re done
it’ll play perfect every time I mean no
buzz super low action you can see how
low this is it’s super low and there’s
no buzz anywhere I mean they make some
of the straightest most beautiful necks
I’ve ever seen excellent quality as far
as you know neck work is unbelievable in
fret work so I highly recommend their
guitars and this is as good as any
Gibson Custom Shop I’ll tell you that
right now if not better trying to have
my amp conned out I did a quick review
serve and got mark
releasing up that good so I mean I don’t
really I just made the guitar so kind of
fit along with it a little bit I use the
aluminum Gibson aluminum to start
tailpiece I use a Gibson AVR one bridge
bone not all gifts and pickups the
Grover tuners and you know what this is
like a half a third third the cost of a
custom shop you’re looking at six grand
for a custom shop and it’s probably not
even though be as nice as this guitar
and look at the top on this amazing I
mean you can get this all together this
bill probably cost me sixteen hundred
for everything you know it’s about a
thousand for the body and the neck and
then by the time my time and putting all
my mind hardware on a brand new pickups
the pickups are three hundred bucks
I bought these brand new these are not
East pickups I bought these brand new
which were about three hundred bucks so
that was a major cost Eric but I love
the burst buck or two in the lead that’s
the best one that’s what gets inputs and
most their Custom Shop guitars it’s the
first buck or to the 59s they use these
first month or twos and I love the 57
classic that’s one of my favorite pickup
so check out the video go to precision
guitar kit the guys are Phil’s really
cool there I brought in so many guitars
from them and they’re just unbelievable
build quality unbelievable and you’ll be
they got special deals going on now so
it check them out now when you get your
guitar kit the first thing you want to
do and building it is you want to stain
your top stain though back in size and
before you do that you check it for any
kind of scratch is there anything and
usually they’re pretty good you don’t
have to really do too much because once
you put the stain on I use water and
aniline dye so once you put the water
and aniline dial and it’s going to get a
little rough you got to sand it down put
I own against and it and you kind of you
do your amber first and then you mix in
on the side you just go around and get
it darker and darker and as you do it
you put your stain on and then with a
water on a rack kind of blend in the
edges you know it’s a little art to it
but there’s so many videos on YouTube
I’m not going to go and do a video on
builds because everybody has them so you
can see how they put the stain on what I
do is I put the stain on the top get it
to color I want it just cherry stain or
whatever is staying put on the back I
use water with just the napkin or a rag
wipe it off and then after you do that
you put sealer on it get sanding sealer
nitro cellulous sanding sealer from Stu
Mac it’s a spray can a color tone sander
sealer it’s a spray can can you put like
two coats of sealer all over the guitar
okay make sure you tape up the fretboard
okay just take the fretboard and leave
when you stain it I tape all around this
edge cut it with a razor because it’s
easier when you go to scrape it it’s not
like you got to do a lot of scraping
Gibson doesn’t do it but I do it because
sometimes that stain soaks in and you’ll
see a little red so I usually tape it
with masking tape and cut up with the
razor and then after you stain it all
you take off the tape that you did
although you take off the tape where you
did all the binding you tape up the
fretboard just the fretboard you leave
this open leave all the binding open
just take the fretboard so act well let
me after you stain it and everything
okay you glue the neck on with the hot
hot glue I put it on the stove what I do
is I put a little bit of 200 grain 240
grain to 20 green grain strength gram
hot hot glue in a jar about this much
let it soak until it gets to be like a
gel then put it on your oven in a
saucepan with water boil it until it
gets the consistency of glue when you
lift it you’ll see it drip off you want
it to be kind of running you don’t want
it to be too thick because that stuff
dries so fast as soon as you put that on
the guitar around the neck and then the
joint you got to put the neck in and
these next fit real tight so you just
don’t need a lot of glue you put all the
glue all around the joint real quick
with a brush slide it in and with the
hot high glue you take the boiling water
that was in your saucepan you dip the
napkin in it and you wipe off all the
excess with the hot water no matter if
it’s been an hour to and you see a
little bit of glue you just take some
boiling water wipe it and it comes right
off okay after you get your neck on and
got us all cleaned up that’s after you
stain the body and stain the top put the
neck on then you want to spray the
sealer all over everywhere not on you
know you tape up the fretboard spray the
sand and sealer on the guitar just put
two coats white coats don’t put a lot of
sand or sealer on to light coats just
make sure everything is covered with a
spray can spray paint can and then what
I do is I take the back of the guitar
and I put my green filler in you want to
put your green filler over the sander
sealer that way and I use oil-based
grain filler I don’t use water base the
oil base after you put your green filler
on you just take like a freaking rag or
whatever and wipe it off
you don’t have to do no sanding you just
wipe it off with your hand and if
there’s any like thick spots you can
just take the liquid that’s in the can I
used a bell
Haagen II or grain feller you take the
the the oil that’s inside there and I’ll
take it off so you put your green flower
I usually make sure it’s then you can
use throat whatever is in the can with
the heart the lumpy stuff and you can
send it out to get the the cream
thickness you want for the Greenfield
you got to do that two three times on
the mahogany let it dry overnight do it
put another coat do it put another coat
do it because it takes a few build ups
to get that consistently and what the
the sander sealer will keep it from
getting in any of the plastic discolor
and anything and it makes it a lot
easier to put the grain fill occurs once
you wipe it off you still have the
collar underneath you’ll still have the
color of your stain and the grain filler
will just cover any indentions that was
left then after you do that then you get
your you I use an HVLP sprayer just one
of the the hone light portable HBS
burner now with those portable those
ones are like eighty a hundred bucks
I used a home write home write finish
max and you got to thin it out you got
to use lacquer thinner with the lacquer
to get a nice clean coat on it so I
sprayed with that like an a couple about
takes about an hour and spray the guitar
that this lacquer dries super fast in a
couple of minutes it’s dry hard as a
because it has a catalyst in it so once
you spray the bellhead gloss lacquer on
you uh you put like a few coats on I’ll
put like three four maybe five coats and
that’s it let it sit a few days then
buff it out and you’re done
he’s a 400 grit at first stay away from
all the edges with the 400 grit just
kind of go don’t get too close to that
edge because anywhere
there’s like a little lip don’t the 400
is going to go right through that finish
so you want to be careful with that to
stay on the flat parts all the flat
ports and do all this with the 400 state
get close to the edge but don’t do it on
it then you go to an 800 grit you can
print and just put the press don’t put
no pressure let the sandpaper do the
work 400 great dump and oppression 800
great you can put a little bit of
pressure 1500 grit you can put it a
little more pressure and then you end it
on 3000 grit and you can do all the
edging with the 3000 grit and it won’t
take it down to the wood and then you
end up with the 3000 grit then I use
McGuire’s compound and then a wax and
you’re done and that’s all it is to
build a guitar it takes about 4 days 3
to 4 days to build this guitar and it’s
a lot it’s a little bit of an art but
you watch the videos you’ll see how
people do it so check it out and and
it’s it’s not bad it’s pretty simple to
do you know I used to Grover tuners
they’re easy to put in the the Brahmas
under here for this is about the hardest
part to do you know you got to beat them
in with it but I ease wax put wax around
at first but wax off candle wax and
they’ll slide they’ll go right in and
then this is just ABR one you just use
two bolts to tighten and then you take a
socket and just tighten the top bolt so
they were up against each other and
that’ll screw right in you don’t have to
thread it or nothing they’ll screw right
in and then just line up your pickups
put a roller along the side on to make
sure they’re even I’ve been doing it so
long I can pretty much I it up till
we’re it’s pretty much perfect
I mean I’d still put a little straight
edge along here and make sure I I
usually put the bridge on and then I can
see where the strings are to the pickup
when I put the pickups in watering
that’s all simple stuff
that’s about it it’s not very hard to
make these guitars they HV a pill
sprayer the HVLP home rights prayers
honor bucks it’s all in one and it works
great I mean that look the finish comes
out really nice and check it out hope
you liked the video

Precision Guitar Kit Review

Precision fretboard kits are the instruments ideal for playing in the genres of bluegrass, blues, folk and classical music. They feature two hollow aluminum flutes joined by a thin brass bridge with a nut groove and a knuckle wrap. The necks of these guitars are made precisely and are joined using precision joints to provide maximum flexibility. Each instrument is hand tuned before it is sent to the factory to undergo quality assurance testing. The finished product has a neck that is perfectly aligned and a beautiful wood body.

The company that produces the precision guitar kit is Kanstul, a German based company that has been producing musical instruments for over 80 years. In the early 1990’s, Kanstul started offering their products through eBay and at that time, the company had just launched its web site. To address customer concerns and enhance their sales and resale value, the company has set the standard in selling musical instruments through e-commerce websites like eBay.

In late 2020, a group of Precision Guitars members from Germany visited the company to take a look at the various offerings in the pre-owned musical instrument collection. After taking a look at the entire collection, they asked the company’s director, Mr. Reinhold Voll, about selling and re-selling their guitar kits on the eBay site. Mr. Voll confirmed that the kit would indeed be sold. He also confirmed that the company will offer both standard and vintage guitars in the kit and that the neck joints will be precision welded and prepped for optimum performance.

One of the reasons the Precision Guitar Company is able to offer high quality guitar and acoustic guitars is due to the feedback they receive from consumers who have expanded their musical horizons by purchasing precision kits. One such expansion was the introduction of the Acoustic/Precision Guitar. These guitars combine the best features of an acoustic and an electric model, so as to create a versatile and effective combination for players of all styles. One can expand the neck of an acoustic guitar by adjusting its truss rod using a fingerboard pedal. This feature makes these guitars highly versatile and enables the user to play lead or rhythm with the guitar being used for playing lead.

For users who prefer not to expand their musical horizons by expanding the available fretboards, there are available “stacked” necks. The neck has two joined sections instead of three joined sections as on a normal guitar. When the strings are pulled down flat the neck expands to accommodate the extra string without any noticeable change in the tone or quality of the sound produced. The neck is “stacked” either by cutting off a portion of the neck or by joining two or more adjacent sections of wood to form a single piece. A “packed” neck may also have a cross-hatched appearance and may have shallow sidecuts. Many customers requested stacked necks to achieve the same effect.

The neck joint of a Precision Guitar Kit is precision machined from milled or finished mahogany. The joints are sealed using a heat-resistant lacquer that provides a weather-resistant finish. Most necks have a two-pronged joint, but there are some necks that have a three-pronged joint. When the neck is new, the neck joints are precision ground, sized and hardened to exact tolerances to provide a durable and precise joints.

Precision Guitar Kit
Precision Guitar Kit
Precision Guitar Kit

Precision Guitar Kits Buyer’s Guide

Precision bass guitar

The Fender Precision Bass guitar is a great model of double cutaway electric bass guitar made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. For many bass guitar players the tone of a guitar that has a cutaway body will have a much more distinguished tone than one with a standard body. This is because the Fender Precision Bass guitar has a sound hole located in the center of its neck which permits the tone to be spread over a larger area of the neck. This allows for more variety in sound when playing and the amplified sound from the amplified instrument will have a much better sound than one produced through a single speaker.

The standard model of the Fender Precision bass guitar is fitted with a five-ply spruce body with deluxe Tune saddles. It is available in two different models, a series II or series III. The series III models offer changes in tone according to the volume of the acoustic guitar being used while series II has a single tone ring but no other modifications. A vintage styled tuning slide mechanism makes this the perfect bass guitar for any fan of rock music.

Both the above mentioned guitars have been proven models and hence if you are looking for a cheap guitar that offers similar features then you should consider the Fender Precision Bass. The price of the Precision bass guitar is about forty dollars on average, although it varies from store to store. Some places offer a fifteen percent discount when purchasing in bulk and since these instruments are known for their high quality and durability the prices remain at the same level. The online market also offers some discount deals and the price tag of a Precision bass guitar sometimes remains low. However, one should keep in mind that some fender instruments are made from a very sturdy material and hence might be too expensive for a beginner to afford. These are the more expensive priced fenders which might be a great purchase for the experienced players who want to add something special to their collection of guitars.

Fender Precision bass guitar

The Fender Precision bass guitar is a wonderful model of acoustic/electric bass guitar made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. This guitar is an acoustic/electric hybrid that have the ability to play both bass notes, and treble notes, it is also a single-coil bass that can be switched from acoustic to electric very easily. This bass guitar was designed by musical legend Les Claypool. The Les Claypool/Fender basses were extremely popular during the early to mid nineteen seventies and have remained popular to this day. Many guitars in the same price range as the Precision bass are hard to find, with a majority of these being rare and hard to come by.

There are two components in this model bass guitar that make up the instrument, the first component is the headstock which is laminated with fiberglass, there are also two control knobs that are push buttons and a vintage styled volume knob. Next you have the neck which is laminated with fiberglass and also has two control knobs that are push buttons plus another vintage styled volume knob. The body of this fender precision guitar is laminated on a high gloss black stain finish. This high gloss black stain finish gives the guitar a classic look, the guitar has a six inch nylon strap with steel tensioning and it is finished with the Fender “Prologue” logo label. The hardware of the Fender Precision bass guitar is mainly made of nylon with a wood cover in the customary round “G” shape.

The sound of the Fender Precision bass guitar is quite loud, it has a deep and booming sound that screams bass. This guitar sounds great when played along side a great vocalist such as a lead guitar player. When this guitar is not played, it produces a more melodic tone, and if played hard it produces a heavy rock sound. Playing the Fender Precision bass guitar is a real pleasure because it does not have a whammy bar and does not have any electronics inside. It is simply a solid body electric guitar that is capable of great playability.

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