C2C is set to begin their first North American Tour, including both Coachella weekends.

Each member of the quartet is a highly skilled turntablist. Together they produce, create and perform a unique electronic sound.

The four members of C2C first met in high school, and began their work together in 1998. Set to make a name for themselves they started developing their own unique production and performance style.

In 2003 the group went on to win the DMC World Competition four years in a row. In January 2012 they released their first EP, Down the Road, & followed it up with a full length album Tetra, in September 2012.

The live show is incredibly dynamic with LED visuals  manipulated by the group as they perform.

Check out the tour dates below and then scroll down to see C2C in action.

Watch: C2C – Down The Road – Live in Paris