If you’re in the market to organize things, like band management, a music festival or anything really- there is now a host of apps that can help you.

These are the new breed of online Cloud Computing based productivity tools that allow you to create projects, set to-do’s with due dates and reminders and – here’s the big thing:– share and collaborate with people in a way that saves you all time and effort.

Imagine being able to hit a “quick update” button that sends a ready worded reminder to someone to do what he or she agreed to have done yesterday. Believe me this is a big improvement over having to write a text or email Then there is the ability to see all your stuff in one place and be able to see at a glance if things are looking too slack or overloaded for any particular time or team member.

We’ve looked at a few of these apps and the one that we think is best suited to “our thing” – (music industry management) is Dooster.net. Seems like this software will be perfect for Tour Managers, Small Bands and growing businesses in our scene!

We like it because of the range of simple but effective features it gives. For example it allows you to fully customize the look and feel to suit your own branding. Plus the ability to control who sees what – so you can have several bands or projects in your one account and see everything, while they only see their own stuff.

It also integrates neatly with email – which means it doesn’t matter if people ever log in or not. They still get your task assignments, reminders and stuff like that. Plus it’s much cheaper than other apps like Basecamp – which is the market leader but pretty expensive.

Dooster came to our attention via Rapolla-Miranda a California-based label and management company in the Urban Island genre. Here’s a screengrab they sent us of their project overview for JamYard who serve a cool fusion of dancehall, urban and reggae.