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Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi + Remote Control + High-Speed HDMI Cable W/Ethernet - Netflix, YouTube, , Pandora, , Playstation Now, Crackle reviewed by TreeThugger
Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S700 (Black) Upconvert DVDs to 1080p Detail, Dolby Sound from DVD/CDs View Content Via USB reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips BDP7502/F7 4K Ultra HD Wifi Blu-ray Player, Dolby Vision Ready reviewed by TreeThugger
Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi + Remote Control + High-Speed HDMI Cable W/Ethernet
Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S700 (Black)
Philips 4K UHD Dolby Vision Blu-ray Player w/ Built-in Wireless LAN and Streaming Apps
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Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi + Remote Control + High-Speed HDMI Cable W/Ethernet - Netflix, YouTube, , Pandora, , Playstation Now, Crackle reviewed by TreeThugger
Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi + Remote Control + High-Speed HDMI Cable W/Ethernet
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Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S700 (Black) Upconvert DVDs to 1080p Detail, Dolby Sound from DVD/CDs View Content Via USB reviewed by TreeThugger
Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S700 (Black)
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Philips BDP7502/F7 4K Ultra HD Wifi Blu-ray Player, Dolby Vision Ready reviewed by TreeThugger
Philips 4K UHD Dolby Vision Blu-ray Player w/ Built-in Wireless LAN and Streaming Apps
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Samsung Smart WiFi Blu-Ray Player Walkthrough (BD-E5400)

in this video we’re going to take a look
at the samsung BD e 5400 blu-ray player
I’m going to set it up for the very
first time and take a look at the user
interface so let’s get to it
now right now I have this set up on my 8
foot projection screen so I kind of have
an odd angle so I apologize for that now
you probably notice in the lower left
hand corner there’s a little bit of a
light bleed there that’s not from the
projector that’s because I have a window
on the left side of the room here and
you’re getting a little bit of light
bleed there even though I do have a
shade in front of it it’s still
definitely watchable up here but
generally I watch things up here at
night anyway so it doesn’t make any
difference anyway as you see here I just
plugged in the Samsung blu-ray player
and this is what I’m greeted with
initial settings on-screen language
obviously I’m speaking English so I’m
just going to hit the ok button or the
select button actually on the remote and
select English the next section here
says TV aspect and network will be set
each setting may be changed later under
settings so I’m going to hit start here
and it basically wants me to set my
aspect ratio
we’ve got 16:9 which obviously is my
aspect ratio on this projector here so
we’re just going to select that and then
it says network setting is needed to use
various internet services choose the
primary method for connecting to network
now it’s pretty much standard these days
when you get a blu-ray player or in this
case a smart blu-ray player that it has
Wireless already built in I could do
either in my setup here because I do
have a wireless bridge up here where I
could connect a device through Ethernet
or I could go wireless
I’m going to go wireless here because I
actually had a comment on the unboxing
of this video that somebody questioned
if I get good Netflix performance out of
this because of the price now I got this
on a Black Friday deal and I got it for
I believe about $69 so it’s an excellent
price for a blu-ray player that also has
smart app functionality now I do believe
that there is wireless n in this device
because that’s pretty much standard but
we’ll see so I’m going to click on
wireless here and sign in to my home
wireless network and I’ll join up with
you on the other side of that okay so I
signed into my home wireless network and
this is what I’m
with up top you see netflix vudu cinema
now pandora and youtube then you see a
couple of selections down below videos
let’s scroll through these photos music
and settings
so obviously this device plays CDs as
far as photos I assume that’s also from
disk media I don’t think there is any
internal storage to speak of on this
device so let’s start up top with
Netflix and agree to this EULA here and
it should bring me into Netflix now
looks already like the standard Netflix
interface that you’re going to find on a
whole host of smart connected devices
whether it’s Smart TVs smart blu-ray
players in this case or a streaming
media player ok says Netflix obviously I
don’t have my Netflix associated with
this device at this moment in fact I’m
actually giving this device to somebody
as a gift and they let me do an unboxing
on it and also an interface review on it
which is obviously this video but
because they have their own Netflix I
don’t want to set up my Netflix on this
device but I will see this device in
action and through the magic of editing
I’ll report back to you on it right now
now if you remember back to the unboxing
video the remote actually has a
dedicated Netflix button on it which is
nice it also has a dedicated Pandora
button on it I’m going to hit the exit
button and we’re going to go back to the
home screen here and check out some of
the other features on this device next
up is Vudu now if you’re not familiar
with Vudu you can do rentals on this
just as you would if you go to a
brick-and-mortar store like a
blockbuster or if you’re not in the
United States and you have some sort of
video rental service that I don’t know
about you know that’s basically what you
can do except Vudu is streaming and they
have some of the highest quality
streaming videos on this service you can
also buy movies from Vudu if you’d like
I’ve done both in the past I actually
had a dedicated Vudu box back in the day
and I did buy some movies off of Budo
and then I ended up selling the Vudu box
and I don’t know I’m sure that I could
reactivate my account somehow and get
those movies back that I bought but I
just haven’t had the need to do it as of
yet so as you can see here
Vudu offers you new releases which is
the same day as DVD now Vudu can do this
because Vudu is owned by Walmart so they
have a lot of leveraging power there as
I said you could do rentals and also as
I said they offer some of the best
streaming quality available they have
something they call HDX which is 1080p
quality and offers Dolby Digital Plus so
with most devices that play voodoo or
can access Vudu they give you a $5.99
credit to get started so basically
that’s a rental of a high-definition
movie and then from there as I said you
can purchase or rent other movies and
they do offer SD as well so I’m just
going to hit the Browse here because I
don’t want to initiate the free trial on
this again this is a gift for somebody I
just want to give you an idea of what is
available here now you see some of the
newer movies Ted to recall dark night or
actually Dark Knight Rises Resident Evil
retribution Bourne Legacy you have a
whole host of choices to choose from
let’s just check on Resident Evil here
because I do know that that’s a 3d movie
so I’m interested to see if they offer
3d on Vudu
or if they don’t personally what I end
up doing is I end up purchasing 3d
blu-rays watching them and then
reselling them that’s my method of
watching I actually haven’t rented a 3d
movie as of yet although I do plan on
doing it on Amazon so as you can see
here you can rent or own this you can
rent it from 399 you can own it from
$13.99 and it does look like it supports
ultraviolet if you don’t know what
ultraviolet is if you buy a blu-ray
sometimes you get a digital code with
that and basically that allows you to
watch that movie not only from that
blu-ray disc but through a service like
maybe Vudu here and other services that
support ultraviolet so you watch a
trailer you can see a two minute preview
put it on your wish list or rate and
share it what I want to do is find out
what the prices are and what they offer
here so let’s go to rent and own and
here the prices you have HDX again
highest quality you can rent it for
$5.99 own it for $17.99 HD which is 720p
$4.99 to rent $17.99 to own and then SD
is DVD quality 399 to rent
$13.99 to own and it looks like there is
not a 3d option here so let’s cancel out
of this and actually let’s go back to
the menu the main menu next up is
cinnamon al cinema now is similar to
Vudu except cinema now is associated
with Best Buy now I’m not up on my
cinema now information but I’m almost
positive that Best Buy owns cinema now
if they don’t then they’re closely
associated with them and let’s see what
we have for options here again I believe
it’s a streaming service where you can
rent or purchase movies very similar to
vu you get a EULA here and accept this
yet movies TV shows and you can search
also let’s just check out the movie
selection here and it should be pretty
current like voodoo Cosmopolis VHS
imposter so these are our different
movies these are their new arrivals
and let’s see what we have here see if
we can scroll across okay so these
probably aren’t the first-run movies
that you see on boo do you do have a
couple of brand-new ones and then I see
a couple here that are available on
Netflix so it’s just really nice to have
a lot of options when you have a device
like this so if you have a Netflix
subscription you can watch something on
Netflix if Netflix doesn’t have it you
can move over to voodoo or something
like cinema now let’s exit out of this
now Pandora I do not use Pandora but I
know many people do so let’s just dip
into here real quick and you can see
here that you can use Pandora you have
an account with them you could access it
from here I’m not going to mess around
with this too much it’s just nice to
know that again this device offer a few
options the next selection here is
YouTube so let’s see if we can look up
one of my videos on here now this should
be pretty much the standard current
YouTube interface that I’ve seen on some
of the other streaming media players
which is nice and sleek and very basic
and it does the trick here we go
yeah same interface here I’m just going
to go to search here and look up my
channel and this way you get to see the
quality of the streaming on this device
because I would like to show you a
Netflix movie but I don’t want to get
into copyright concerns with this video
posting it to YouTube so we’re just
going to go with original content here
and we’re going to look up its like
harvest alright
brought up a selection here of my videos
and you can scroll through them let’s
see if I can grab one that’s a little
more current if not it’s not a big deal
I’ll just play one of my older ones
let’s do the Logitech Revue unboxing
even though that’s one of the older ones
and I might have to turn the sound down
okay in this video we’re going to do an
unboxing of the Logitech Revue with
Google TV so let me turn it down here
you can see the sound is working
excellent the movement when I had the
graphic go across the screen that worked
very well so very fluid it seems like
the performance is very good on this
which is what you want when you’re using
the streaming functions on it when
you’re not watching the blu-ray you
definitely want the services to work
well so it’s nice to see let me kind of
scroll through this a little bit and see
if we can get to the actual unboxing
part and that should give us a little
bit better idea of the motion
capabilities on this
so as you can see the motion on it very
smooth no lost frames or anything
I actually don’t own the Logitech Revue
anymore but it is a good device if you
like Google TV and you want to get a
hold of it
so let’s exit out of here and go back to
the home screen and I think that’s
pretty much it for apps YouTube is the
last one and it circles back to Netflix
now down here as we discussed you can
play a blu-ray look at photos off of a
disc listen to music off of a disc or go
into your general settings here so that
pretty much does it for this video I
don’t want to get too much more in-depth
on it because again this is a gift for
somebody else and they were nice enough
to let me do a couple of videos on it I
will be doing another unboxing and
another video on the setup of a separate
Samsung blu-ray player that Samsung
blu-ray player is a 3d enabled blu-ray
player so that pretty much does it for
this video if you have any questions or
comments please post them down below if
you like what you see please subscribe
and as always if you want to help out my
channel give me a thumbs up or favorite
this video so thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you guys next time

Smart DVD Player Review

Smart DVD players are gradually gaining popularity in the consumer electronics industry. Sadly, the overall market has very low-quality and show-off models. Differentiating among the good half-baked models and the upper strata models is not an easy job. However, the reviews provided by satisfied customers have made this task much easier for you.

The reviews provide the reader with the knowledge and details of the top three players in the market. These three players include the Sony player and the Philips DVD changer. There are other producers like the LG, Samsung, and the Toshiba Smart CD changer that have some very useful features.

The Sony Smart player is an excellent player. It has a great feature that allows you to play DVDs even on your laptop computer. Other than that, it is a simple model that does not contain many fancy bells and whistles. It is a great choice for someone who just wants to be able to watch DVDs without having to install any complicated software or to someone who is just looking out for basic features.

Philips DVD changer is another excellent player that is similar to the Sony player in terms of function. It is quite simple but can actually be a useful tool when used properly. The major difference between the two is that the Philips player allows you to play multiple DVDs at the same time while the Sony player allows you to only play one. However, this model is a little bit expensive.

The third player that is listed is the Toshiba Smart CD changer. This is a fairly simple player that will allow you to watch DVDs from any device that you wish. You can use it to watch movies from your home-theater system, to watch music videos, and play games from your Nintendo Wii.

You can get high-quality products at very affordable prices. This means that you can actually buy a top-quality player for less than the price of some top-quality Blu-Ray players. There are a lot of stores online that sell these types of players at very good prices. The prices of these types of players can vary according to the size and brand of player.

Connect DVD player to HDTV
LG Blue Ray Player
Sony Blue-Ray Disc/DVD Player

Smart DVD Players Buyer’s Guide

Smart TV with DVD player

Did you know that a smart TV with DVD player can also be used as a computer in some cases? Yes, they do. Purchasing such a unit is not a major problem in the UK either. In fact there are some smart TVs out there with built in DVD players too.

If you are looking for the latest model and are finding it hard to choose between the models available then you should consider a smart TV with DVD player. This can allow you to watch all your favorite movies or television shows on your television at the comfort of your own home anytime you want. All you have to do is purchase a TV with a built in DVD player and plug it into the wall. Most televisions with this option come with their own software so that you can easily enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows. This can also be used in your computer at home or office by connecting it to the same wall outlet that the TV is connected to.

As you can see a smart TV with DVD player is a very useful piece of technology. It is especially useful if you need to view your television and movie collection on the go, especially if you travel a lot. With the picture quality is above par for HD TV’s it will be a great investment to get for you home or office.

Blu-ray DVD player

With the advent of high definition in home entertainment, Blu-ray Discs is quickly becoming a household name with sports fans, video game junkies and film novices. A new 4k Blu-Ray player is an ideal DVD player that finally plays High Definition (HD) Blu-rays. The latest Blu-Ray players now support 4K, Dolby Vision and other impressive features, but sometimes you just want a simple DVD player.

If you do not have a lot of room and live in an apartment or condo, you still have other options besides a blu-ray dvd player. There are compact disc (CD) players that play High Definition (HD), but they are limited to playing only discs that are designated as HD. Additionally, these compact discs are not portable and are difficult to watch with friends. Plus, the storage capacity is much smaller than that of a blu-ray disc, meaning you need to have a lot of extra room. Lastly, compact discs are not as flexible as Blu-ray discs for recording or copying data, so if you own movies on your computer or have DVDs on your hard drive, you may be better off with a Blu-Ray player.

Another option to consider is an affordable, streaming Blu-Ray player like the Sony Entertainment Network Beta S. In addition to allowing you to watch movies, television shows, sporting events, and music videos, streaming lets you view your favorite clips instantly without having to download them to your computer first. The beta version of this device can stream only the movie itself and does not have support for playing downloaded media, such as games or music. However, the Wi-Fi version has all of the features of the normal player and streams live TV, music, movies, television shows, and clips in true Blu-Ray format. The choice between the two varies depending on your viewing habits and needs.

Smart portable DVD player

A smart portable DVD player is a device used in the place of a television, which can be transported from one place to another. It is very easy to fold it is very convenient to carry. The technology behind the smart portable DVD player includes the fact that it is capable of playing back the same disc as many times as you like as long as there is a free connection available in the portable DVD player itself. There are certain models available that include the option of storing data on the internal memory as well as on the external hard disk. The external hard disk can be used to store all the videos, music, photos, documents etc.

These days there are a number of different models available in the market. One of the main reasons for using the smart portable DVD player is that it helps one to reduce the wear and tear on the television set. This means that the TV does not have to be replaced every now and then. There is also no need to worry about the video rental companies reducing the number of movies that can be watched on a daily basis.

However, if you intend to watch many videos on the portable player there is no harm in buying an external hard drive and an internal one. This will ensure that your portable player does not suffer due to the constant and heavy use. Buying a smart portable DVD player is not a very tough job. There are a number of websites online where one can look and compare prices. Most of these websites allow free shipping and even give you a money back guarantee so that there is no risk involved if one does not like what he or she is buying.

Smart DVD player with Netflix

If you enjoy watching movies on Netflix, you might want to purchase a Sony Blu-ray or DVD player which has Netflix streaming function. Good news is, most high quality DVD players currently available in the market have also the Netflix streaming function. In fact, it’s not very difficult to find great quality models that will suit your viewing preferences.

Finding a quality Sony Blu-ray player with Netflix support is actually not that hard. For one, it is only a simple matter of conducting online research and comparing prices of various Sony Blu-ray and DVD players. The good news is that there are now several online retailers that offer great discounts and value-added services to their customers such as providing a free home delivery service and discount vouchers for online stores. If you want to save even more money, make sure to purchase a used or slightly used digital player which is still in good condition. Aside from being cheaper compared to new models, you’ll be able to use your old player for years to come as they do not experience much wear and tear unlike the new ones.

When browsing through a wide range of models, consider whether to go for a model that offers both Watching Options and Downloading features. This is because both are vital parts of the Netflix application. For instance, if you prefer to have access to multiple viewing options like mirroring, repeat, skip tracks, Last Position, and so on, the best model to get is a player that comes with Netflix mirroring functionality or a download-only option which allows you to view titles on your computer while the player is connected to your personal computer via a USB cable. On the other hand, if you are looking for an easy-to-use Netflix application which provides fast and error-free playback, it is highly recommended to purchase a player that comes with Netflix plus.

LG smart DVD player

LG is one of the biggest manufactures of plasma and LCD TV’s and they have recently introduced a new model called the LG smart DVD player. This player can be used in your home, office or playhouse when you have guests visiting and need to transfer their favorite movies. Since it is an ultra-slim player it can easily fit on the table or arm of any chair. When looking for a player this may not be your first choice but they are definitely worth checking out because of their many features.

The LG smart DVD player is extremely easy to use and operate. You simply plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to start watching your movies. This player also has a built in feature that will scan through the library and match titles to movies that are available. The only thing you have to do is add the movie you want to watch and hit play. It will then display a list of all of the available movies on it and you can choose from them.

The sound quality on this player is very good. It does not distort at all and there is very little noise. You can clearly hear every word on the movie and this makes it very relaxing to listen to. There is also no picture distortion, because the screen is crystal clear. The batteries in this player last for years, so you do not have to worry about changing the batteries as often as you may think about it.

Samsung Blu-ray smart DVD player

One of the most innovative and popular players in the market today is the Samsung Blu-ray smart DVD player. This player is very similar to the older DVD players but this version is equipped with a lot of advanced features that will surely improve your viewing experience. If you are also considering buying this player, this article will give you some tips on how to make the most out of it. Reading this guide will help you figure out which model and brand to buy. It will also allow you to compare prices between different retailers to get the best deal possible.

If you are new to buying these types of players, you should first figure out what features you want it to have. You should determine the size and weight as well. These should be in line with the dimensions of your TV so that they will not take up too much space or you will be uncomfortable while watching your movies. Another thing to consider is whether you want a brand new player or if you want to purchase used ones. Used ones will obviously cost less but you should still make sure that it offers you the same functions and features as the brand new one.

When shopping for a TV, you should first consider its picture quality and its energy efficiency. It is best that you should look for a TV that offers an LCD television screen. The LED backlight will provide you with brighter images and also reduce the amount of glare that comes from the bright sunlight outside your house. The built-in motion detector should also be able to detect fast movements. Look for this feature when choosing one because the faster you move the TV, the less blurring effect it will produce.

Last update on 2022-12-01 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I wanted a DVD player that I could connect to an HDMI port on my smart TV, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on it. This was perfect. It was perfectly capable of playing a newish DVD movie. I put an old DVD movie on it, and it worked well. It didn’t seem to make it any better than any other DVD player to me. I have not yet checked the USB port to display pictures or something of the sort. It does seem to be poorly built, and I’m not sure how well it will hold up to harsh handling, but I don’t plan to be rough with it. Overall, I’m pleased with this product.

  2. My first experience was positive: it was tiny and simple to communicate. As a result, I wrote a favorable review. When I played a DVD, it began blacking out for a few seconds every few minutes (neither image nor sound). I tried it on another player to make sure it wasn’t a poor DVD, and it worked well. So I sent it back to SONY for a replacement, which arrived quickly. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same problem. I contacted SONY and requested a refund, but they informed me that since it is under restricted warranty, all they could do was give me a new one upon receipt of the one I currently have (the second one). It’s too much hassle for me, so I’m keeping it, but I’m out of money and without a functional player.

  3. Many 3D films tend to be released abroad rather than in the United States (Region A). As a result, I purchased this LG Player. The configuration is extremely easy. Insert the HDMI cable and plug it in. I’ve got mine hooked up to a 3D 4K Receiver, with one line going to a 3D 4K TV. All you have to do is figure out what area the movie is in, and then, before you attempt to play it, open the drawer, insert the disc, click 1, 2, or 3 on the remote, and “then” close the drawer. 1 denotes Region A, 2 denotes Region B, and 3 denotes Region C. The film will be acknowledged. This player has exceeded my expectations and is well worth the low price.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.