Marantz SR8012 Receiver Demo

hey what’s up YouTube this is youth man
in this video I’ll be providing a
comprehensive review amaranthus flagship
11.2 channel receiver the SR 80 12 now
in this video we’ll be taking a look at
its specs features an overview of
setting up Odyssey and of course I’ll be
sharing my thoughts on the overall
experience with it but before we
continue if you’re in the home theater
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so my first experience with Marantz was
about six months ago when I visited a
friend of mine who’s running a Marantz
AV 7703 pre pro in his home theater now
I was thoroughly impressed with how a
system sounded so I was really eager to
get in the SR 8012 receiver in for
review to see how it performed in my own
theater room now I’ve been using the SR
80 12 over the past few months in my
theater and I’ve been extremely
impressed with how well it sounds in my
home theater I have it powering three
clips las calles four clips RS 60 to
version twos for eclipse CDT 5800 C
version 2 in ceiling at most speakers as
well as dual s vs pv 16 ultra subwoofers
now with my clip system being so
efficient the a t12 easily pushed my
seven point two point four system to
reference levels without Distortion and
for my system I really don’t feel that I
need an external amplifier absolutely
love the design of the SR 80 12 the
front face is very minimalistic with
only a volume control a selector knob
and a power switch a slight push on the
bottom panel reveals additional controls
such as an HDMI and composite input for
easy access without the need to get
behind the unit for someone with less
than ideal vision like myself the front
portal window can be a little difficult
to read and see as it has limited
information available and kind of a
small print for me this doesn’t pose a
because the unit will remain behind my
cabinet and I can have access to
everything with just the remote control
and see that info on a hundred fifty
inch screen
now that’s something that I can easily
see the rear of the unit is laid out
extremely well and having the speaker
binding post arranged horizontally
allows for very easy connection even if
you don’t use banana plugs the SRA t12
has a ridiculous amount of incredible
features that include decoding for all
three immersive formats such as Dolby
Atmos DTS X and auro-3d for up to a
seven point one point four or a nine
point one point two speaker
configuration the a t12 has 11 channels
of amplification at 205 watts per
channel okay seriously we need to talk
Morant says on their website it’s
symmetrical monolithic amplifier design
gives it 11 identical amplifier channels
each delivering 205 watts per channel
now the owners manual shows that it’s
rated at 140 watts per channel now
although the SRA t12 does have a massive
toroidal transformer and does have a
beefy monoblock amplifier construction
jean de la sala with audio holics
recently did independent bench testing
and stated the SRA t12 was able to
muster an impressive 96 watts per
channel at 1%
THD and 86 watts per channel at 0.1% THD
with seven channels driven this should
be plenty of power for all but the
largest and most demanding home theaters
now Jean over at audio holics is
currently reviewing the SRA t12 as well
and jean has a wealth of knowledge
especially in the area of bench testing
and doing some actual performance
measurements I’ll link to Gene’s bench
test report down in the description
below now this receiver does have a lot
of power but just know that once you
hook up seven
nine or even eleven speakers connected
to the unit you won’t be getting that
claimed 140 watts per channel there’s
eight HDMI inputs seven on the rear one
on the front all of which are hdcp 2.2
compliant there’s three HDMI outputs
which includes a zoom to enhanced AARC
support support for HDR and Dolby vision
streaming music using built-in airplay
Bluetooth internet radio Spotify connect
title Deezer and others Chios wireless
multi room streaming support for a Lexus
Gil which I’m really excited about since
I just ordered an Amazon echo dot to
begin my smart home theater now this
gives you the ability to control just
some basic functions with your voice
through your Alexa enable devices now
the 8012 includes odyssey’s multi eq xt
32 room correction software to measure
up to eight positions in your room now
Marantz does include a cheap cardboard
microphone stand for Odyssey that can
also dual purpose as a rocket ship for
your children and for those of you
interested in IMAX enhanced the SRA t12
will support IMAX enhance via a firmware
update scheduled for sometime around
January of 2019 now setup of the SRA t12
is super intuitive with some really
great visuals to help you set up your
unit which is especially good for those
of you that are new to home theater
setup but really want a first-class
receiver now I’ll be doing a step by
step Odyssey set up in the future video
but for now let’s just walk through a
brief overview of the process okay so
we’re gonna use the Odyssey calibration
microphone setting it up on a tripod you
want to mount it about your height then
we’re gonna open up this front door by
pushing at the bottom plug into the
microphone right here and turning the
unit on the 8012 will intuitively walk
you through setting up each particular
speaker and
give you some great looking diagrams
showing you how to hook up each speaker
wire where you connect those how to
splice them and even where you’re going
to connect each individual speaker on
the back it’ll ask you some questions on
which speakers you have and you just go
through and select whether you have a
center channel where to hook that up
surrounds if you’ve got those
and whether or not you have height
speakers in my case I have four speakers
and here you can see the different
options you have for Atmos and height
speakers Odyssey we’ll go through each
speaker Odyssey will send out test tones
from each speaker to try to calibrate
your room and balance out the room
response and here they give a great
visual representation of where you want
to place the microphone as you’re
calibrating the system Odyssey will then
play test tones through each individual
speaker and use that information to
balance out the frequency response
throughout your room okay so what are
the pros of the marantz SR 8012 the 8012
has incredible build quality and weighs
almost 40 pounds now this thing is a
now Marantz even added a copper plate
chassis on the bottom side of the unit
it also has support for all three
immersive audio formats so those of you
that like Dolby Atmos DTS X and or o3
you’ll have access to all three of those
in one unit now one of the things I
really like about the 8012 is at any
moment during a movie you can easily
switch between those immersive formats
now I found in my testing that the SR
8012 sounds incredible for both movies
as well as music now my rants has always
been praised for its musicality and the
SR 8012 handles immersive audio
beautifully with detailed channel
separation for surround sound effects
it’s got airplay and Spotify built-in
which that’s really convenient for me
because I love streaming music here from
my phone or from my tablet through my
surround sound setup now I really like
having all the speaker connection on the
rear of the unit in a horizontal line it
just makes it really convenient and easy
especially if you don’t use banana plugs
to be able to gain access
to screw those in now I found the rear
connections on the unit are well thought
out and they’re very well organized and
even color-coded for the speaker
terminals Marantz also included some
really handy labels that you can use for
your speaker cables now it’s got pre
outs for all 13 channels as well as dual
12-volt triggers should you feel the
need to connect a separate power
amplifier for additional power now one
of the other positive features that I
found with the a t12 is in regards to
the remote control the remote control is
backlit so if you push this side button
right here you can see and access all of
the buttons in the dark so as you can
see the ab12 has a lot of pros but it’s
got to have some cons as well so let’s
go ahead and go through those one
negative thing that I saw with the SRA
t12 is that front access panel is
plastic but it doesn’t necessarily feel
cheap now I’d rarely need to open it so
that was really no big deal for me now
of course one of the negatives for the
SRA t12 is the $3,000 price tag
now that isn’t necessarily cheap but it
is $500 less than the anthem MRX 1120
that I’ve just reviewed and it has a
ridiculous amount of features for that
price point now if you only need nine
point two channels the 7012 model is
currently on sale for $1,200 which is a
steal I’ll link to it down in the
description below ok so who is the SRA
t12 for I believe that a t12 is great
for the home theater enthusiast or the
audiophile that wants incredible sound
without having to spend a ton of money
on going to separates it’s also for the
person that needs 11.2 channels of
processing and power amplification all
in a single unit now if you want to
stream music from your phone without
having to purchase a separate airplay
device like an airport Express or an
Apple TV this unit has a lot of
different streaming features built in I
truly believe this is an incredible unit
and it is the unit that I
I’m choosing to upgrade to for youth
man’s home theater the 8012 retails for
but right now amazon has a deal going on
that includes a free clips sw3 11
subwoofer which has a 10-inch active as
well as dual 10-inch passive drivers and
it currently sells on Amazon for $1000
so I think that’s a pretty great deal if
you’re interested in that I’ll link to
it down in the description below as well
well guys that’s gonna wrap up this
review of the marantz SR 80 12 I hope
you enjoyed the video if you liked it
be sure to share the video and if you
found it helpful make sure you hit that
thumbs up button and I’d love to get
your thoughts on the SR 80 12 what do
you like about it what do you think it’s
lacking maybe you’re considering another
receiver I’d love to hear about it down
in the comments below
well guys I hope you have a blessed week
and we’ll catch you in the next video

Marantz SR8012 Receiver Specs

Power Output per Channel2-Channel Driven:
140 W at 8 Ohms / 20 Hz to 20 kHz / 0.08% THD
175 W at 6 Ohms / 1 kHz / 0.7% THD
1-Channel Driven:
205 W at 6 Ohms / 1 kHz / 1% THD
DTS CompatibilityDTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X
Dolby CompatibilityDolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD
Auro 3D SupportYes
Upmixing TechnologyDolby Surround, DTS Neural:X
Supported File Formats5.6 MHz DSD, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA
DAC192 kHz / 32-Bit
HDR CompatibilityHDR10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma
Pass-Through Support4K60p 4:4:4 (3D, BT.2020)
Upscaling4K UHD
Rear A/V Inputs7 x HDMI
2 x Digital Coaxial
2 x Optical TOSLINK
3 x 3RCA Component
4 x RCA Composite
6 x Stereo RCA
1 x Stereo RCA (Phono) with Ground Screw
1 x 7.1-Channel RCA
Rear A/V Outputs3 x HDMI
1 x 3RCA Component
2 x RCA Composite
1 x 11-Channel RCA Pre-Out
2 x RCA Subwoofer Pre-Out
1 x Stereo RCA Zone 2 Pre-Out
1 x Stereo RCA Zone 3 Pre-Out
Front I/O1 x 1/4″ / 6.35 mm Headphone Output
1 x USB Type-A Input
1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Setup Mic Input
1 x HDMI
1 x RCA Composite
1 x Stereo RCA
Other Rear I/O1 x DE-9 (RS-232C) Input
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet) Input
1 x RCA (Remote) Input
1 x RCA (Remote) Output
1 x FM Antenna Terminal Input
1 x AM Antenna Terminal Input
2 x Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Antenna Terminal Input
1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm (IR) Input
2 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm (12 V Trigger) Input
Speaker Connectors11 x Binding Post Pairs
HDCP SupportVersion 2.2
Audio Return Channel (ARC)Yes
Wireless Audio ProtocolsAirPlay
Tuner TypeAM, FM
AC Input Power120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power ConsumptionActive: 780 W
No Sound (ECO On): 65 W
No Sound (ECO On): 110 W
Standby: 0.2 W
CEC Standby: 0.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.3 x 7.3 x 18.1″ / 439.4 x 185.4 x 459.7 mm
Weight38.4 lb / 17.4 kg
Warranty LengthLimited 3-Year Warranty

Marantz SR8012 Receivers

The Marantz SR8012 receiver is a product that has stood the test of time. It is not new, but it is still a great product. In fact, the Marantz SR8012 is considered to be one of the best radio systems on the market today. Many people have had good things to say about the way this system performs and the sound that it produces. If you are looking for a radio that offers a lot of high quality, with the option of a few extra options, then this could be the radio for you.

The Marantz SR8012 is the only radio in the world that offers a complete sound quality with the addition of the S-fm tuner. This is a true S FM receiver that allows you to choose from thirty-eight different radio stations. In addition to the radio stations, there are also sixteen access codes to choose from. The SR8012 has the ability to play CD’s as well. There is a function on the receiver that will allow you to play MP3’s through the radio receiver.

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The Marantz SR8012 receiver does have some unique features that set it apart from most other options on the market. One of the best features is the ability to hook the unit up to your TV. Most television sets will not output signal quality unless they are connected to a receiver, which allows them to connect to your TV without having to deal with interference or poor reception. Some people who watch sporting events like football, baseball, and even basketball prefer to have the sound from these sports games broadcast over the airwaves to ensure they can hear the game without any interruptions.

If you are interested in getting this Marantz SR8012 receiver, you can go online and find all the information you need to know. You can read reviews, get price information, and order online. The ease of use makes this a great addition to any home. Do your research and you will soon find out why it is becoming so popular.

Marantz SR8012 Receiver FAQ

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Marantz Bluetooth receiver

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Marantz 9.2 receiver

The Marantz 9.2 surround sound system is perfect for those who love movies and listening to music but cannot always get both of them to occur in the same room. If you have a TV or a stereo that has excellent picture quality, but the sound is not clear when placed in the center of the room, then you will want to find a receiver that will put both of these great elements in their rightful place. This receiver has so many features that it makes your surround sound experience all the more entertaining. From Dolby Pro Logic II that allows true Dolby Digital surround sound to come through even in your most difficult surround sound environments to easy speakers control, the Marantz receiver is truly a show stopper.

One of the first features that the Marantz 9.2 was designed with is its technological innovation called the sr6014 surround sound processor. This processor is responsible for the channelizing of the different channels to ensure that they are delivered without being sacrificed in quality. It works by dividing up the channels into six distinct groups or channels. These channels include the front, surround, center, left, right, and surround center options, and each group has its own unique surround sound processor option.

There are three different groups of speakers that can be controlled with the Marantz receiver including the center channel, left and right channels, and the surround speakers. In addition to the three separate groups of speakers, there are also eleven outputs that can be controlled with the remote control. The remote control has a button labeled “listen” which allows you to hear your favorite recordings while you are enjoying your favorite TV show or movie. This remote control also has buttons designated for each group of speakers as well as an option for switching from the main menu to the receiver menu. The Marantz 9.2 receiver is truly one of a kind and a must have if you have a surround sound system in your home.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I upgraded from a Denon 9.2 to complete Atmos and have no regrets. This powers a Klipsch comparison series home theater with an 11.2 (5.2.4 Atmos) speaker system. That’s fantastic. It also looks amazing and flawlessly transmits 4k 60hz to the Samsung Q90 75″. Setup is easy. The remote is adequate for setup, but I prefer the Harmony Elite for day-to-day use because it connects all of the devices.

  2. This receiver replaced my previous Onkyo TX-NR737 7.2-channel home theater receiver. I had previously purchased the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 9.2-channel home theater receiver. The Yamaha’s strength, functions, and features did not impress me. It was difficult to set up, and the remote app did not function. I enjoy my Marantz because it is simple to set up. I am not an audiophile by any way, but this receiver provides step-by-step, easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. Depending on your settings, the instructions also show you how and where to mount your speaker wires. I have all Klipsch speakers on a 9.2 in the main zone (family room) and two on my zone 2. (pool patio). The strength, sound quality, and clarity are incredible. The phone remote software works flawlessly, and I am able to complete all of my tasks. The remote applications Marantz remote and HEOS are unquestionably game changers and must-haves. I purchased this receiver three months ago when other places were offering over $400 more. I am pleased with my purchase and believe it was well worth the money. There are less expensive receivers available. But, as I learned a long time ago, you get what you pay for. I recommend this receiver to anyone looking for a setting of 11.2 or less. Finally, I adore my receiver.

  3. I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase a receiver worth this much. Unfortunately, I gave my Onkyo TX-RZ920 to a neighbor, believing it to be one of the best AV Receivers on the market; I was mistaken! After I finished configuring it, the first thing I did was update the firmware. The receiver had a harsh tone, and all of the channels were totally unbalanced. After a week of attempting to make it sound halfway good. They released yet another firmware update! I assumed that by doing so, I would be able to resolve the issues: Wrong! The sound had changed to a boomy, hollow tone. They release ANOTHER firmware update two days later. The sound is now absolutely sterile and lacks depth. Denon-Marantz, what are you doing? Another thing is the dreadful Airplay gui. On my Onkyo, you may connect to Airplay directly from the receiver or from any Apple device. The Marantz can only link to Airplay from an Apple computer, not from the receiver itself. My Onkyo had the most natural-sounding voice, and the gui was fantastic. I will have no choice but to return this and purchase another Onkyo unless Denon-Marantz resolves their firmware problem!!! Very dissatisfied! Since my initial review on October 1st, there have been “six” firmware updates for Heos; and you’re trying to tell me that there isn’t a problem. Even then, it doesn’t sound perfect.

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