Marantz SR6012 Receiver Demo

hey YouTube is your boy lef and today
making a small video to give my
impressions of the Moran’s sr60 12 all
right it’s been a couple of months since
I had this unit and um I’ve been putting
it through the paces you know trying to
see how well it functions pretty much as
all-around home theater audio you know
unit and so far everything been going
well everything been nice but let me
give you a quick breakdown on the unit
and get into whether or not you should
buy this thing all right this is a nine
point two channel receiver and it could
be expanded up to eleven point two using
external amplification for those last
two channels it’s a hundred and ten
watts at 8 ohms and
they could do del D Atmos DTS X auro-3d
but you have to pay a fee for the
auro-3d to be added in I believe 199
out-of-the-box it could do seven point
two point two max or five point two
point four with the 3d audio but it
could be expanded also up to a seven
point two point four and that’s pretty
much eleven eleven point two channels
but you know when you break it down to
3d audio it comes down some of the
numbers break up so you could do eleven
seven point two point four and that’s
also with two channels powered with a
blue and with an external amplification
this unit is hdcp 2.2 compatible if it
runs on 4k uhd at 60 Hertz and it’s for
for for pure color it also does HDR HDR
10 21.9 video 3d and it’s also bt 2020
and dolby vision pass through you name
it it could do it and on one other thing
you can do it also been able to work
with Alexa if you should just went off
of a second ago and also the unit is arm
a bit future-proof it also has h LG
which is hyper blog gamma which is for
broadcasting content also EARC enhance
audio return channel which will be in a
firmware update I gotta check on see
when will that update come but um also
it’s also it’s supposed to get the
airplay to audio
airplay to audio update which I think it
was August of 2018 which is already
August now
it’s almost the end of August actually
but um I haven’t seen anything popped up
yet on the screen or anything but i’ma
check in on that yeah but um that’s
about it I’m a fumble around with this
thing it’s been a pretty good unit and I
haven’t had no issues I don’t have any
switching it’s ish issues or anything
like that it’s been pretty good
you know everything explained to a
wonderful self-expanding only only thing
that I I don’t really like about this
thing is um it has a tendency of getting
real hot which is normal for the marantz
brand so I had to get this AC infinity
t10 you probably see me I’m boxing up
there I also will be doing an impression
video of this unit spraying in another
couple of weeks or so to give my final
thoughts about it but let’s stay on a
subject right now
yeah um as you know in my setup I use
external amplification which is a motiva
that is all pretty much the one constant
in my setup and I don’t I don’t I can’t
say I’ve tested the arm power handling
of this unit because pretty much as soon
as I got out of the box I connected it
to the amplifier I do that with all my
receiver so I can’t say how well it
functions pushing the speaker’s by
itself and as you know when you add an
amplifier the receiver don’t add
to the amplifi don’t add wattage tear
receiver it pretty much takes over on
whatever the amplifier is putting out is
what you’re gonna get so right now I’m
powering my front stage and one of my
yeah my two towers that my second
channel is powered by and also my height
speakers up there that’s that’s all
that’s being powered by it so I can’t
say how well it does powering all all
the channel at once because I haven’t
done that yet but
but so far with for just doing majority
processing has done a pretty much good
job no and then I have little hiccups
because of that Joey bucks
I think it has communication issues with
it sometimes like I guess maybe it’s the
BD or whatever it’s like I turn on the
unit unit automatically puts on TV
volumes you know which is what I like I
wanted to come on and be whatever the TV
has on it it’ll no play that but then
the the Joey has a way of taking over
and you know once it sends a signal to
the receiver they’ll switch to that and
then sometime I’ll have to switch it
back but that’s the only thing but that
I don’t believe is my rancis fault I
believe it’s just that that satellite
box it’s just junk if you have any more
insight on that you know put a comment
down in the UM in the box let me know
what you think I could be wrong but I
don’t think that’s the marantz all right
um but um my feelings about this this is
a excellent receiver would I do it again
yeah definitely I would purchase this
thing again um I think this receiver is
ideal for my household because we listen
to majority well about fifty-fifty watch
movies and music about the same so
Marantz always been known as a audio
company I specialize in audio and that’s
one of the reasons why I selected the
marantz cuz they’re known for their
audio working it is second to none
but um I think if you’re more of um a
movie person who wanna constantly watch
movies not really worrying too much
about music there are Moran’s 4400 be
more up your alley they they are pretty
much the same receiver but I believe
with the with the denim the denim 4400
are meant to say with the den on you get
our bottleneck strim watts per channel
um two channels driven so I think the
dent on is about 125 watts two channels
driven and this is 110 so and I think
the other difference is with the marantz
you get more audio only inputs than the
dent on you know and um I think that’s
those those are the main differences but
all the features and stuff pretty much
the same on the units but um that’s only
real difference but anyway my thing is I
would definitely do this again I think
this is a great receiver I think it’s
worth every penny I spent and you get it
but anyway I think that’s all I pretty
much got to say about this thing today
and um you know remember the thumbs up
comment and subscribe and see you guys
in the next video take it easy

Marantz SR6012 Receiver Specs

Output Power110 W per channel @ 8 Ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.08% THD
150 W per channel @ 6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD
Input SensitivityAnalog: 200 mV
Frequency ResponseAnalog: 10 Hz to 100 kHz (+1, -3 dB, Direct mode)
Signal to Noise RatioAnalog: 100 dB (IHF-A weighted, Direct Mode)
UpscalingYes, to near-4K
Pass-Through4K/60p, 4:4:4, HDR, and BT.2020
HDCP Version2.2
Input/Output Level and ImpedanceComposite Video: 1 Vp-p, 75 Ohms
Component Video, Y Signal: 1 Vp-p, 75 Ohms
Component Video, PB/CB and PR/CR Signals: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ohms
Frequency ResponseComposite Video: 5 Hz to 10 MHz (0, -3 dB)
Component Video: 5 Hz to 60 MHz (0, -3 dB)
Tuner BandsAM / FM
Reception FrequenciesAM: 520 to 1710 kHz
FM: 87.5 to 107.9 MHz
SensitivityAM, Effective: 18 μV
FM, Effective: 1.2 μV (12.8 dBf)
50dB Sensitivity Mono/StereoFM, Mono: 2.8 μV (20.2 dBf)
S/N RatioFM, Mono: 70 dB (IHF-A weighted, Direct Mode)
FM, Stereo: 67 dB (IHF-A weighted, Direct Mode)
DistortionFM, Mono: 0.7% (1 kHz)
FM, Stereo: 1.0% (1 kHz)
BluetoothVersion: 3.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Transmission Power: Class 1
Maximum Communication Range: Approximately 98.4′ (30 m) in line of sight
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Modulation Scheme: FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Supported Profiles: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 1.2, AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) 1.5
Corresponding Codec: SBC
Transmission Range (A2DP): 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Wi-FiRadio Frequency: Dual-band (2.4 / 5 GHz)
Network Type: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Security: WEP 64-bit, WEP 128-bit; WPA/WPA2-PSK (AES); WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP)
Inputs8 x HDMI (1 front)
2 x optical TOSLINK
2 x digital coaxial
2 x component video
4 x composite video (1 front)
7 x stereo RCA audio (1 front, 1 Phono)
1 x USB (front)
1 x 7.1-channel analog in
Outputs3 x HDMI (1 with ARC)
1 x composite video
1 x component video
2 x subwoofer pre-out
1 x 1/4″ (6.35 mm) headphone (front)
1 x stereo RCA Zone 2
1 x 11-channel analog pre-out
Other Ports1 x FM antenna
1 x AM antenna
1 x Ethernet
1 x setup mic in (front)
1 x USB (front)
1 x IR in
1 x RCA remote in
1 x RCA remote out
1 x 12 VDC, 150 mA out
1 x RS-232C
2 x Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna
1 x Phono ground screw
1 x AC in
Speaker Connectors11 x binding post pairs
File SupportWMA, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, DSF, DFF
Power ConsumptionOperational: 680 W
Standby, Network Control Off, HDMI Pass-Through Off: 0.2 W
CEC Standby: 0.5 W
Power Requirements120 VAC, 60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.38 x 9.13 x 15.75″ (440 x 229 x 398 mm) with antennas up
17.38 x 6.38 x 15.75″ (440 x 161 x 388 mm) with antennas down
Weight (Approximate)28.25 lb (12.8 kg)

Marantz SR6012 Receivers

One of the best wireless headphones available on the market today is the Marantz SR6012 receiver. Why? Simply because it is so incredibly impressive. Many people, including professionals, have said that they wish they had this receiver, or that they wish they had it with them all the time. If you are someone who appreciates excellent sound quality, you really cannot go wrong by purchasing this incredible receiver.

First, what is the Marantz SR6012 receiver? This is a top of the line receiver that comes in two unique flavors; a multIQ-based receiver, and a Dolby Atmos system. The SR6012 is powered by a single 12-inch coaxial driver with an impressive high frequency output of volts. It utilizes the innovative sorp matrix power amp circuitry, which ensures maximum voltage across the amplifier. This allows the amplifier to handle the most demanding audio frequencies without getting overloaded.

The Marantz SR6012 receiver utilizes the new dual-mode tri-amping technology for maximum power and minimum distortion. With this sorp matrix power amp circuit, you can get superior sound quality, even from your iPod, while keeping noise levels low. Another important feature of the SR6012 is its ability to decode Dolby Digital, so you get crystal clear sound from your speakers. This capability was made possible because of the advanced digital signal processing engine that uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to accomplish this feat.

The Marantz SR6012 also features the Audyssey Mult eq, which allows you to manually control the volume levels of all your speakers. This means that you can adjust the sound level of your favorite music sources to ensure that they are set just right for listening. The mult or has been calibrated to give you ideal results every time, so you can be sure that you will never experience a lack of bass or other distortion that might hamper your listening pleasure. The Audyssey Dynamic Volume Control is also present in this receiver, along with the option of utilizing the subwoofer output to produce even more powerful bass. There is even an option of switching between the front left and right channels if you want to add some flavor to your sound.

One of the best features of the Marantz SR6012 is that it comes with two unique options of interface with your computer. You can connect it to your computer with the USB 2.0 interface, or you can also use the coaxial cable that comes with the built-in DVR. You can run this recorder through your home router or use it on your laptop. Using the built-in DVR option of this receiver, you can watch your recorded videos on your television using a DVD player, or you can even use it to record your voice as you speak to your clients over the phone! Another feature present in this remarkable receiver is the availability of Dolby Pro Logic II decoded audio which gives the sound effects of real cinema-quality audio.

The Marantz SR6012 offers a lot of features and functions that make it stand out among other wireless speakers today. You can check out the entire range of its innovative features from the product description on the official website of the company, which also offers basic information about the product. This receiver also comes with a remote control that is very useful, particularly if you are operating it from a distance. It also comes with two year warranty and a three-year limited warranty for the airplay feature. Check out all these wonderful benefits of this amazing Marantz Airplay Wireless Home Theater System today!

Marantz SR6012 Receiver FAQ

Marantz home theater receiver

In my humble opinion the Marantz home theater receiver line is not that far behind in features and sound quality from other manufacturers, but they are definitely on the softer side. So if you like a little more bass and do not mind a little lower sound quality, these receivers might be for you. They are also a great choice for people that are looking for something compact that still offers great sound quality.

The Marantz AV receiver line uses some pretty heavy-duty equipment, which I believe is what sets them apart from the other brands. For instance, their newer models use the SMT6 glass drive technology which is a thin flexible tube filled with silica to provide an extremely strong and solid drive system. This is unlike many other brands that use a coaxial drive, which is less reliable due to crosstalk that occurs when one amplifier drives the speaker at the same time another. So the Marantz system will not suffer from crosstalk or monitor stereo crossover issues that plague many other brands these days.

In terms of sound quality the Marantz home theater receiver line is a great choice. Their latest models offer true digital sound that has the realism of a movie theater without having to spend several hundred dollars! Also with the amazing clarity of the surround sound, coupled with the powerful Dolby Pro Logic 7 audio tracks, you get a truly immersive experience. And the best part is that it all comes standard with the base model, which is a plus because not every system offers all the bells and whistles to go with it. Also worth mentioning is the Wi-Fi capability of the system which allows you to connect wirelessly without the need for any wires or cables.

Marantz surround sound receiver

I recently spent some time testing and reviewing the Marantz surround sound receiver. This is a great product and provides a great home theater for anyone interested in sound quality. The main reason I like it so much is because I can now watch movies and listen to music in the best possible surround sound clarity. It’s truly the best product on the market for these reasons.

First of all, this is one of the best sounding speaker systems I have ever had in my life. The crisp bass, coupled with clear mids and highs make movies like Argentina a blast to listen to. If you are looking for a great surround sound speaker system that makes movies come alive then the marantz surround sound receiver is for you. If you are looking for some good audio quality without the high price tag, then this might not be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a great quality surround sound system at an affordable price, then this is the way to go.

In addition, I really liked how easy it was to install. The box that comes with the Marantz surround sound receiver is extremely easy to install and contains everything you need to get started. I didn’t have any trouble hooking it up and I enjoyed the sound quality immensely. If you want to get started right away, this is definitely the way to go. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much pleasure with my surround sound system and the Marantz it is by far my favorite out of all of them. If you are looking for great sound quality at an affordable price, then this is definitely the way to go.

Marantz 7.2 receiver

When you are out hunting, chances are you will run into a situation where you need to use a particular type of GPS, such as the Marantz 7.2. The receiver is easy to use for both beginners and experienced hunters, and can even be used while wet to help locate your target. For many years, the VOR (Vibrating Old Style) system was the only option available for hunting GPS. In this case, you have a Vibrating Detector Device that senses targets in the area that you are hunting. Once it senses a target, it will start to vibrate, which can tell the vor to activate the main display, thus allowing you to find your next prey. While there are many new options for GPS units, the Marantz 7.2 is a good choice when looking for one.

One thing that is great about the Marantz 7.2 receiver is its capability to determine a deer’s location from long range. Unlike the old VOR, which needed a direct line of sight to work, the Marantz GPS has the ability to determine a deer’s location using a triangulating formula, making it a little more difficult for the hunter to find the exact site he wants to hit. Although these formulas were not specifically designed to work with the GPS, the engineers at Marantz took all the necessary steps to make it as accurate as possible. The new system utilizes a patented technology called the Rker Detector, which is a high-precision electronic component that allows the VOR to accurately pinpoint the location of the animal.

The Marantz 7.2 receiver also works extremely well when tracking Big Game, although there have been more recent advances with biete and reed models. These two features, along with the fact that the vow is able to track the velocity and air compression of fast-moving air, increase the chances of a successful hunting trip. This improved ability to track the fast-moving animal has made the Marantz 7.2 an invaluable tool for the whitetail hunter, and if you are hunting in an area with a good population of these animals, you may find that you need only one receiver. As long as you are familiar with how to use the various features of the Marantz 7.2 receiver, you should have no trouble tracking your quarry.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I’ve been really pleased with the sound quality, which is much better than the Denon 3808ci I previously owned. This Marantz device began overheating about 2 months ago, and a couple of boards were fried as a result. I sent the machine to the nearest service center in Georgia for repairs. It’s worth noting that I had to pay $80 to ship it there, which Marantz does not compensate. It’s been nearly 6 weeks since I sent the machine in for repair. The repair shop has blamed Marantz for not sending the required pieces. They still don’t have the pieces, and who knows when they will. It is inconvenient for me not to be able to use my media room because I enjoy my entertainment. As this is a high-end AV receiver, I was disappointed by the Marantz’s responsiveness. For me, the lesson learned is to do a little more homework on the seller’s warranty, return policy, and repair process. I wish I’d bought it from Costco so I could have just exchanged the faulty unit for a brand new one.

  2. Hands down, the finest receiver I’ve ever purchased. That’s fantastic. It is important to run Audessy. It took the place of a Pioneer SC-81. I was sick of constantly changing the speaker levels to get the best pitch. I’m hearing sounds in movies that I’ve never heard before thanks to my Klipsch speakers. The image has also been improved. I don’t own a 4K television, so I can’t comment on that. But, judging by how fine it looks in 1080p, I’m confident it’ll be great. The menus at Osd are very modern and welcoming. I don’t think it’s hot at all. Just make sure there is enough airflow if you place it in a confined space. The receiver inspired me greatly. It’s time to get a 4K TV and a few more speakers to take advantage of what the receiver has to give.

  3. This receiver is a huge improvement over my previous (decades old) Onkyo receiver. It’s a little unfair to compare goods that are 10 years apart, but that’s not my goal. This Marantz receiver has a number of features that I was searching for.

    1) Delivers Tidal (and other streaming services) in lossless quality.
    2) The voice quality in the film is excellent (not entirely sure why, but it is easier to understand dialog)
    3) HEOS makes it easy to configure the receiver to play internet radio and other streaming sources.
    4) Audio setup is simple and yields good performance.

    Movies have great sound, which I would describe as “natural” rather than an overpoweringly hyped up sound. Power appears to appear seamlessly when it is needed, and it leaves subtle scenes subtle.

    I listen to a lot of “acoustic” music (orchestral, jazz, etc.) and find that this Marantz receiver provides outstanding sound from sources such as Tidal and CDs. Eric Clapton Unplugged DVDs are a joy to listen to and watch over and over. I’m also getting really good sound from the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall through the Roku app.

    I’ve read a few review comments about this receiver getting hot, but I don’t think that’s an issue. It warms up but does not become steam.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.