Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver Demo

hey guys it’s going on that home theater
news we have a brand new unboxing today
just got this brand new den AVR in the
mail and I’m super excited because I
probably get to have my Atmos back I’ve
been without Atmos for about two weeks
actually it’s been like three weeks now
and it’s been ridiculous like I’ve been
bummed out whenever you have all those
channels in you have to be reduced to
you know just five it it’s a it’s not
ideal so I finally got this one from
Denon it’s the AVR 4400 H I used to have
the 6300 H and the reason why I went to
this one is because I decided just to go
more externals because these get hot you
know Denon if you even contact I mean
you email them they’ll email you back
but they’re their customer service and
they’ll tell you that it’s normal for
these things to get hot so either you
run an air comm to keep you know
everything nice and cool because these
things have massive heat seats in them
and plus they’re putting out well the
6300 put out 144 1111 channels and this
one is nine channels and is 125 so
either way is you’re gonna have a
massive heat sinks in these because they
don’t have fans and to keep them cool so
main thing main reason why I bought this
one is because I was gonna go more
externals anyway so this one only has to
power two channels and that’s just
temporary too so I’m gonna get this
thing on box and I’ll let you guys check
it out in a minute okay alright let’s
see what’s in this thing
so let’s check out what’s in the box
what do you get right so for the 4400
what you’re gonna get is you get your
power cord obviously you get the nice
little Odyssey mic which is really good
you’re gonna get their Quick Start Guide
put that aside you have an AM you’re
gonna have an an antenna see if I can
zoom out a little bit an antenna we also
can have their Wi-Fi antenna that gives
you an FM I think that’s what this one
is there’s also an FM antenna in there
as well another cool thing I’m gonna go
ahead just pop this open I showed you
guys last time on my hello video but I’m
pretty excited about this because it
makes it really easy especially with all
these channels you’re gonna have is they
give you this little labeling guide with
it so I mean if you just have five
channels you know it’s it’s not hard to
to well I guess it would be a little
harder to switch up your left/right
centers and things like that but when
you got eleven channels nine channels
you got to worry about it’s really cool
that you know they took the time to even
bother putting these in here there’s
little labels for your speaker’s
themselves sounds pretty cool kinda like
that let’s put that aside cable gonna
have your batteries over here or your
actual remote keys in our mouth let me
say my mother have a war and then you
get your two double-a batteries right
here you’re going to have you
on to see tripod that they give you if
you don’t have a tripod yourself you can
just use this one I have a tripod so I’m
just I’m not gonna worry about even
opening this at all that’s it same
remote as usual I’ll show you
same rope remote briefs dirty looks okay
doesn’t look terrible it’s got a nice a
nice and light it’s not really heavy or
middle so I mean if you drop this thing
of a deal but yeah that’s the remote go
ahead and get this stuff out of here so
I think what I’m gonna do is I might put
this camera back down then I’ll go ahead
and pull this out if you guys haven’t
seen it actually a blew up my 6,300 age
from Denon I haven’t shown the film
footage yet but if you guys want to
check out the video I’m gonna put a
little card actually up here so you guys
want to check that out go ahead and
check it out real quick
oh yeah I went with this one one because
it has auro-3d built into it with the
6300 series any of the 300 series those
have Oro as a upgrade so I have paid 200
bucks to upgrade to oral anything with
the 400 series 60 460 or 4400 things
like that it comes with a built in so
it’s kind of cool it’s kind of a
drawback because you only get nine pan
not nine channels powered rather than
eleven but if you’re already going
external then there’s no reason not to
do it so save yourself a little cash go
with this one
it sounds looking pretty good I’m gonna
do a quick quick close-up of this roll
real fast so I can show you guys I check
this thing out I mean this is looking
pretty good
it’s not bad has really good quality on
it alright so this is gonna be the back
of it this uh this is pretty impressive
here it’s got a whole lot of binding
post on the back it actually has 11 of
the posts for your speakers so you see
those down the bottom so you see them
right down here you have 11 of those but
I mean obviously this is only nine power
nine channels powered so if you grant
you four gonna go externals then I would
recommend using right here you’re gonna
have the actual pre outs
so you have the pre ounce right here you
have that you can do zones for you know
if you want to do different rooms or you
have all the eleven channels here see
let’s go up close on that and then you
have two subwoofers so if you want to go
externals then this is we’re gonna be
plugging your interconnects into right
here right in the center obviously
you’re gonna have more of the same stuff
that you’ve seen before you have two
posts for the the Wi-Fi you have one
here one on the other side
operation Eidos real quick you have a
couple different ends so you have to
digital to optical ends and you can
obviously put those wherever you want to
right here in the the center you’re
gonna want to use these if you’re doing
externals as well you’re gonna pay
attention to those if your if your
amplifier doesn’t have sensing abilities
then you’re gonna want to use these
triggers with one of those cables that
had one of my other videos it’s called a
mono oral cable you just plug right and
one right in there plug one into your
amplifier and then whenever you know
this thing gets turned on and it gets a
signal sent out to it then obviously
your amplifier is going to turn on you
don’t have to get up and you know turn
on and every single time you have your
network LAN connection right here so if
you want to use dedicated dedicated
internet you can do that as well but you
know obviously why not just use the
Wi-Fi you’ve got a whole bunch of HDMI
is up here and these are really good
because they are hdmi 2.0 and hdcp 2.2
certified so anything with 4k you’re
gonna have your pass through and you
have any problems with that got your
three HDMI outs over here you have I
think two in parallel and then one is is
it different one so if you want to have
you know different things playing on
different monitors you can do that as
well or if you want to have two things
playing on the same two images of the
same thing play on two different screens
you can do as well I’ll get to that part
later obviously you have a bunch of the
analog things here the legacy outputs
you have a bunch of the legacy things
like you know assignable ends with your
video component video I mean this
stuff’s pretty much gone the way the
Buffalo everyone uses HDMI now you have
a remote control blaster so say if you
hide this thing and like I just bought I
just bought one of those nice big
heavy-duty type of rack mounts and if
you want to mount this in Iraq or mount
it in a cabinet and you don’t
necessarily get you know straight vision
for your remote to sense the signal you
can connect one end here into your IR in
and then you you know run the you know
IR blaster to the front of the TV or
basically anywhere where it can be seen
by the remote and then it’ll basically
just see all those signals so you can
still control volume change everything
you want like it’s this thing that’s
fully envisioned but it won’t be
envisioned if it’s you know obviously
behind a cabinet or something
you got your am/fm antennas over here
their inputs down here you’re gonna have
a lot of the same stuff you seen before
you have a phono end which is pretty
cool I might be getting to that a little
later and if you want to you know hook
up a Nintendo you can hook those up down
here I guess you’ll hook it up over here
so whichever you guys know what I’m
talking about
we’ve already talked about that another
thing I want to talk about real quick
this is uh this is one thing I noticed
some people actually tipped me off to
this anything under the 6000 series you
see this is forty four hundred anything
under the 6000 series is made in Vietnam
so I can see that right here so it’s not
you know
made manufactured in Japan like a lot of
people typically think things are I
seriously almost kind of bummed out
about this at first but I don’t think
it’s a problem because usually you’re
gonna have the components made all in
the same places they just get assembled
in different spots so I think the
components are the main part of that but
I mean there may or may not be a problem
that’s why you have obviously buy this
from a respected source you get your
warranty with it so you don’t have a
problem with that
Denon is a big company so their tried
and true definite recommend going with
those guys so that’s why I say I don’t
think that’s a problem anything above
6000 series like 6360 480 500 7200 all
those things are gonna be made in Japan
anything below that it’s gonna be made
you know in Vietnam but just a quick
thing I noticed between these is my 6300
the binding posts they wiggled a whole
bunch especially on these the height
channels I notice that they don’t do it
as much here so I don’t know because I
noticed that that was kind of a big deal
with my 6300 and sometimes the you know
the banana plugs that back out because
these things were moving a little bit
whenever I would move it in and out but
doesn’t move anymore but I’ll get to
that a little more that a little later
but I was wondering add this little part
to the video because I know that I kind
of skipped it earlier so thanks for
watching guys don’t forget to subscribe

Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver Specs

Power supply:AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power consumption:710 W
Power consumption in standby mode:0.1 W ∗
Power consumption in CEC standby mode:0.5 W
Rated output:Front:
125 W + 125 W (8 Ω/ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 0.05 % T.H.D.)
165 W + 165 W (6 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz with 0.7 % T.H.D.)
125 W (8 Ω/ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 0.05 % T.H.D.)
165 W (6 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz with 0.7 % T.H.D.)
125 W + 125 W (8 Ω/ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 0.05 % T.H.D.)
165 W + 165 W (6 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz with 0.7 % T.H.D.)
Surround back / Height1 / Height2:
125 W + 125 W (8 Ω/ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 0.05 % T.H.D.)
165 W + 165 W (6 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz with 0.7 % T.H.D.)
Dynamic power:130 W x 2-channel (8 Ω/ohms)
190 W x 2-channel (4 Ω/ohms)
Output connectors:4 – 16 Ω/ohms
Input sensitivity:200 mV
Frequency response:10 Hz – 100 kHz — +1, –3 dB (Direct mode)
Distortion:0.005 % (20 Hz – 20 kHz) (Direct mode)
Rated output:1.2 V

Denon AVR-X4400H Receivers

The Denon AVR-X4400H receiver is one of the Denon’s newest products. It is a fully built in home theatre system that comes with four great receivers for the best experience in high definition video and audio playback. This receiver gives you more options to fully enjoy your multimedia experience. The Denon receivers come in two variants, the Denon AVR-X4400B model which is more compact and has two tuners while the Denon AVR-X4400H model which is larger with more built-in functions and can be used in place of two A/V receivers.

The Denon AVR-X4400H is a new model that comes with a two-ways tuning, so you can adjust the bass and mids and the treble as well. It also features two-way qjack base with front speakers including sub woofer. There is a front port for microphones, output port and digital optical interface that can be connected to computer. This receiver also features an optimised frequency response and subwoofer output level that can be adjusted according to your needs.

The Denon AVR-X4400H is a more advanced model than the above mentioned receiver. The Denon AVR-X4400H comes with a large LCD display and manual control of the monitor as well. The receiver comes with a standard DVD player with up to seven channels including the movie channel. It also offers a high definition decoder. The Denon AVR-X4400H has similar features but it also comes with a Dolby Digital surround sound feature, a digital optical audio input with Dolby Pro Logic II decoded audio, two-way tilting control of the TV, front speaker output with sub woofer, and remote control. There is also an LCD screen and manual control of the monitor.

The Denon AVR-X4400H offers a number of features including: a Dolby Digital surround sound system with five zones, front and rear speakers, a Dolby Pro Logic digital optical audio input, front panel controller with remote control, and front input Lagrange control. The receiver also offers a three-year warranty for parts and labour. The receiver uses Toshiba Laptop Power Adapter as an AC source.

One feature that the Denon AVR-X4400H has that other receivers do not have is the volume scale. You can set the volume scale to one hundred and ten percent, fifty percent, and ninety percent. When you connect the AVR-X4400H to your television, it will use the built in speaker correction. It also contains the Sony product code of 99CCA. You can also connect the receiver to your TV using HDMI and the included HDMI cable to match the audio input and video output.

In order for the Denon AVR-X4400H receiver to handle nine total speakers, you must have a minimum of nine speakers connected to your television. It is also recommended that when purchasing an AV receiver, you purchase speakers from the manufacturer that has the best brand name. The Denon AVR-X4400H has an integrated processor that offers the capability of handling the nine speakers and has the ability to be upgraded via Memory Stick. It has the ability to function in stand-alone mode and connect to a computer or laptop.

Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver FAQ

Denon home theater receiver

If you’re looking to really enhance your movie-watching experience and give your viewing pleasure the high quality sound and picture clarity it deserves, then a Denon home theater receiver is what you need. A Denon DVR is one component of a great home theater system that will take care of all the hard work for you. By recording your favorite movies and showing them to your family and friends, you can enjoy them in the exact same room as well as being able to watch them on a big screen TV or HD plasma TV at the same time. You can get the surround sound effect just like you would in a real cinema. By using a Denon home theater receiver, you can truly immersive your movie watching experience and bring you closer to the characters in your favorite movies.

There are a number of good Denon products available out there. The most popular model is the Denon AVR-590p, which has many features that are designed to be used with a home theater and especially a Denon DVR. This model is equipped with built-in Dolby Digital Multi-channel technology to provide clear audio and video. It also offers High Definition Recording (HD Recording), so you can record movies to DVD to share with your family and friends. The Denon AVR-590p has five speakers that are designed to work together to bring you the best audio and video possible; this includes front, center, surround, and bass speakers.

Another great feature of the Denon AVR-591 is its multi-zone operation. The Denon multi-zone feature allows you to operate your television, monitor, and even the DVD player in different rooms all at the same time. There is even an option for a ground source, so you can enjoy a clearer audio from all speakers. This model also utilizes the latest optical and electronic circuitry to offer an incredible quality sound that will amaze you. In addition, the Denon receiver offers a Quick Connect system that lets you connect the receiver to your PC or Mac computer through a USB port to quickly set up the system and then connect the receiver to your TV, home theater components, or DVD player for great video and audio results.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I was doubtful that my LG OLED E7P will pass Dolby Atmos to this through the ARC, but it does. I’m not sure how, because Dolby Atmos is not enabled on the ARC but only through eARC, and no TV I’m aware of has been modified to support eARC until now. I believe the Dolby Atmos being passed through through ARC is compressed, but the receiver still recognizes it as Atmos. If you have very well trained ears and have been listening to studio grade sound for a couple of years, you won’t be able to tell the difference between compressed and uncompressed sound. This receiver supports eARC, making it very future-proof. I’ve used it with Klipsch speakers in a 5.1.2 setup, and it sounds ten times better than the Bose.

    Negative (For Smart TV Users): If you use CEC, you can experience a problem where the receiver automatically switches on your TV and the receiver. This occurs as a result of the CEC spec not being properly applied by TV and AVR manufacturers. Because it kept happening, I had to disable the “auto-power of CEC system” function. I narrowed the issue down to when the WiFi/Ethernet link from my TV to the router or the AVR to the router was lost. Since fast start is allowed, I believe the TV/AVR checks for an update as soon as the link is made, which is what causes the TV and AVR to turn on.

  2. My initial impression is that it is a welcome upgrade from my 2009 Marantz NR1501. The new setup/on-screen monitor is a big step forward that makes configuring your surround sound system a breeze. The Denon is smart enough to switch surround modes from Dolby, DTS, Stereo, and so on as I switch from streaming app to streaming app on my TCL Roku tv or Xbox One X. HEOS and other embedded wireless features are a pleasant touch that I want to become acquainted with over time. The two phone apps, HEOS and AVR Remote, seem to be adequate and have not proven to be buggy for me, as others have mentioned in the Google Play store. This analysis will be updated as time goes on.

    What I’m most excited about, and what puts this in a class of its own at this price point, is that it has 9 amplifiied speaker outputs for 7.2.2, as well as an additional two unamplified outputs (11.2 total speaker outputs). An external amplifier can be used to power the rear Atmos speakers 10-11. But hold on! Either of the two subwoofer preamp outputs can be used as an overhead “voice of God” Atmos speaker 12. To experience a complete 7.1.5 Dolby Atmos setup, I will use my old AV receiver as an amplifier for the rear two speakers, Atmos speakers 10 and 11, and subwoofer 2 output for Atmos Voice of God speaker 12. Denon’s graphical Audessy Amp Assign graphical menu makes this extremely simple.

  3. This purchase has made me very happy. It does, as others have said, run hot. I drilled two 3-inch holes in the cabinet shelf that this device is sitting on to allow it to draw cooler air from below. The AC Infinitiy AIRCOM S7 was then placed on top. This unit is not as large as the Denon, but it does a good job of keeping the unit cool. This Denon does an excellent job of adjusting speaker performance for the room, as well as playing the right sounds out of my four height speakers, even on 5.1 tracks. I’m using a 5.2.4 speaker system, and it sounds awesome. When it rains in the film, it sounds like it is actually raining outside. When there are background sirens, I sometimes have to listen to figure out if they are from the movie or from outside my house.

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