Fronted by Paul Allgood, Wedlock is an electro-pop musical outfit based in North Carolina.

Channeling a sonic-palette that is reminiscent of 80′s synth heavy Top 40 groups mixed with airy R&B vocals, Wedlock has been pumping out releases since circa 2007.

For the most part, each album has featured a different cast of players minus the constant presence of Allgood and his crafty lyrical stylings.

When Chuck Taylor from Billboard wrote about ‘Exogamy’ back in 2008 he said that “Wedlock brings a contemporary edge to a beloved decades-old musical stencil throughout ‘Exogamy‘ in which synths continue to rule the day.” We fully agree, this album sounds like nothing else being made in 2008- and for us, thats a good thing!

Again, Billboard’s Chuck Taylor insightfully wrote about Wedlock in 2009 saying that “Wedlock pays homage to the heroes and innovators of British synthesizer pop across ‘Continuity‘, alongside all the fury and fervor of that era’s Siouxsie and the Banshees” Its an interesting comparison that he makes there- frankly we don’t see the Siouxsie and the Banshees comparison at all. If anything its more reminiscent of Silent Circle meets Bruce Hornsby.

With the changing lineups over the years it has been a while since Wedlock has released any new material. Releasing the ‘Witnesses’ EP at the end of the summer of 2010, Paul Allgood and his players decided to part ways one again which was a bummer because the vocal pairing with Paul and Bryanna Rain on this album was amazingly well suited. The Witnesses EP was also the most progressive album to date and we are intrigued about the rumors of Allgood getting his band reformed and touring soon.

Since the release of the ‘Witnesses EP’, Allgood acted as Executive Producer of  ”The Blameless EP” by Bryanna Rain and was in another electronic pop outfit called Celadon Candy.

Wedlock does have a new album slated for release soon. Titled ‘Amalgamy, this new collection of tracks will be released on Exquisite Noise.

As long as Paul Allgood and his newly formed group can embrace a few changes, keep the lineup intact and get a professional mixing/mastering of some new tracks we would love to hear what is next for this group.

Keep in touch with the band via their website or their Twitter account.

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