Rope Remixed is a new set of Remixes and a new take on the second single from The Love Theme’s Album “How Rude”.

When The Love Theme released Rope this year, people from all corners of the music universe paid attention. With a stellar vocal performance by former Inspiral Carpets’ frontman Tom Hingley, fans of the Brit-pop legend saw a new cutting edge side to the singer. At the same time, the EDM community saw the song as another positive step towards mainstream acceptance for a genre that was once defined by its lack of visible star-power.

Ecoutez et répétez – wish you’d listened in french class? Dominic Owen twists and turns the Rope lyrics into a modern day Serge Gainsboroug ambient classic – think of a smoky cafe in Paris and imagine Tom with a french accent.

Mark Hjorthjoy one part Soft Clip and two parts Good Natured Threat slows Rope down and delivers a chilled out, ambient take on Tom’s vocals. Using electric guitars and old school synths he allows Tom’s distinctive voice to float across this spaced out journey to the land of chill.

1undread arrive on the scene with a remix that continues to demonstrate the diverse but bass driven music that we hear coming out of Bermuda. Heavy on the sub, dark on the guitars and head nodding beats.

The last mix on the pack comes from The Love Theme remix competition winner Domenico Pandolfo who beat off over 200 entrants. Hailing from Palermo, Sicily. Domenico strips down Rope and lays down some solid beats in this club driven version. ‘Like’ The Love Theme on Facebook.