That Sunday Feeling are a 5-piece rock band located in eastern England’s Lincolnshire county, with an alternative edge to their music.

When speaking with TSF’s bass player, Jay Imlach, he shared with us that him and his band mates “…believe in our music and the sentimental meaning behind it, always aiming to put our fans before anything else, our main focus is and always has been to make people happy through song.”

That Sunday Feeling have performed two very successful headline UK tours in both summers of 2011 and 2012, playing headline shows across at least 9 cities in both tours with an average of 100-250 people showing up for the Lincolnshire 5-piece.

Actually, That Sunday Feeling have already toured the UK 8 times in total, including supporting Octane OK, Mike Fantastic, Attack!Attack! and arguably one of England’s biggest pop rock acts McFLY on their UK Arena tour in March/April 2011, playing nightly to an average of 10,000 people.

The newest music video for the band has been released. A haunting melody and a song that resonates with meaning and empathy both song and video are delivered with the usual depth and confidence by the band. The video was shot by Dan Broadley. Like That Sunday Feeling on Facebook