Paris and the Hiltons was formed in 2007 and features author Phil Jourdan taking the lead on nearly each track released.

Playing bass and guitar, the U.K. based Jourdan can craft songs of various genres that cover a vast range of infliction. With the addition of collaborator Sam Folkes on piano and handling the programming- Paris and the Hiltons have explored numerous musical themes as featured amongst the four albums currently available on the group’s BandCamp page.

Sometimes cited as a Lit-Rock band, Paris and the Hiltons have been known to weave aspects of literary culture, reference and quotes throughout their music.

Below we have featured the raw and rugged guitar heavy track ‘Souls out of Erebus’- give it a listen. If its your cup of tea, give it a download!

Bonus: See another side of Paris and the Hiltons with this Adele remix.