We recently had the opportunity to chat with Singapore’s DJ Direwulf.

Hailing from the southeast Asian city-state, Direwulf has just recently hit the EDM scene.

With a history of playing guitar and keyboards in a regional Alt/Rock band, DJ Direwulf sat down with us to chat about his foray into the world of electronic dance music. Stream & download his newest October Mix for free and read through the below conversation.

How long have you been producing as DJ Direwulf?
I’ve just started DJ’ing in January, so as for track producing- I’m still in the midst of doing that.

What are your influences for this music?
When I was a kid my dad always blasted the stereo by bands like Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, the Beatles and so forth. Then as I grew older, I took guitar classes and started exposing myself to heavier music like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Alter Bridge and such. I’m pretty open to loads of genres.

Has the EDM influence been noticed in mainstream music in Singapore yet?
I wouldn’t say EDM is really in the mainstream culture yet. As a musician and producer, it is best to travel to the Europe region in order to get your tracks well mastered and engineered properly. It is also known by a few of us that releasing tracks in Europe will be more favourable and eventually succeed in that area.

I see that you mainly play Electro, what do you think of the big trends of Dubstep and Trap? 
HAHAHA… I always refer that Dubstep is for angry people. I’m a fan of Dubstep and Trap, especially when tracks have really sick drops and big wobs. But really creative and awesome tracks are really hard to find. I’ve incorporate a few Dubstep tracks in my sets too.

What tools/software do you use to create your music? 
Currently I’m using Logic and a few plugins like Massive, Nexus and alot of others. Depending on what kind of genre I’m producing.

What plans do you have for the future with DJ Direwulf? 
I’m actually hoping to play a few club tours overseas, hopefully will get to go the states and play a few events there.