For the past decade, Jason West Jones (aka Driven Madness) has written and released 100 tracks for free via the web.

At the start of 2012 Jason thought it was best to retire this music project at 100 songs. Thinking that it was best to “… Walk away clean.”, he was happy to know that he did what he could with his art even if people were not latching onto the project.

Now the music is returning. Albeit what Jones thought, Driven Madness did in fact have a following and people are hungry for new material.

By the start of the upcoming 2013 New Year, Jones will resurrect Driven Madness and start pumping out more fresh tracks with a support network that dreams are made of.

Download the full catalog of tracks on the Driven Madness Reverb Nation page.

Checkout Driven Madness via the below SoundCloud player

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