We have some fresh tracks for your ears!

Canadian born Hip-Hopper, Indie, has just dropped his first solo EP and we suggest you give it a listen.

Though most of the tracks are labeled as ‘Explicit’, Indie is not a hardcore nitty gritty rapper- his beats are mellow and melodic and his rhymes are speak more truth than just being crude.

Pick up the 4-track album, titled ‘In the End We All Die’ on iTunes today for only $3.96!

Watch: Indie – Inanna’s Hand (feat. Lilith)

Indie is also a member of the Hip hop duo ‘Sinister Twin’ along side singer/songwriter Justin Andre. Together they’re currently working in studio on a concept ep titled ‘Black Palace’.

Indie and Justin Andre are born on the same day, at the same time. But yet are from two different families, from different parts of Canada- so you know this duo was meant to be.