There is a new Acronym in the music scene- IPM which stands for Intelligent Pop Music.

The term has been coined by Francis Bowie, a multi-faceted artist from Copenhagen, Denmark when describing the style of music he performs.

Francis Bowie does not feel that pop music needs to deal with complex matters or be overtly serious, but he does not think either that pop music shall be as ignorant as it is today. With his own words; “IPM is an attempt to put some quality, dignity and honor into pop music”

The dreadlocked and fashionably far out Bowie is also an artist and has been running several art galleries in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now with his new single, Art Zoo, Bowie adds a bit of rock vibe to his feel good electro pop sound.

Art Zoo channels the feel of New Order, Joy Division and The Flaming Lips all swirled together yet this young songwriter has his very unique and original way of expressing himself.

Get more information on Francis Bowie at his website. 

Watch: Official music video for Francis Bowie’s ‘Art Zoo’