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Chords Of Truth Digs Deep Into Collaboration Project; 50+ Folktronica Remixes

Chords Of Truth Digs Deep Into Collaboration Project

Chords of Truth is the brainchild of Jason Garriotte, a folk singer/songwriter who has embraced the electronic music world as well as the art of collaboration with an unrelenting spirit. The project is intended as a trip of deep self inquiry, with mind-expanding lyrics to support the journey.

In September of 2011, Jason started writing melodies and lyrics that would soon emerge as his debut EP “Reflections of Reality”. Working with producer Jeffrey Joslin, they released the album to critical acclaim. called him “an acoustic powerhouse”, while said he is “striking some deep truths with his lyrics and music. While the music is restrained acoustic material, the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan.” Jason also paid his dues on the road, touring a variety of cities throughout the United States playing countless shows.

Since the release of “Reflections of Reality”, Jason decided to collaborate with various producers to see if his message would translate well in new formats. The experiment was a success, and he soon recognized that many of his new fans were from the electronic music community, and with a long history of mind-expanding ideas to their credit, the new listeners appreciated the lyrical content and intent of the project.

This was the birth of the “Chords of Truth Remixed” project, a massive undertaking that eventually found Jason working with 14 producers to create an official double album as well as 8 additional remix EP’s spanning a multitude of genres settling under the moniker “folktronica”. From the original 7 songs, there are now a staggering 57 remixes/interpretations.

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