Scabsallover, born Jared Carmona, a once hopeful lyricist from Anaheim, disappeared from the music scene more than two years ago on a journey of self-discovery to create a unique style blending awkwardly attained field recordings with circuit bent electronics.

Graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School in the year 2007, the 24 year young mesmerist vows to hypnotize you into shaking your booty while simultaneously making you ashamed you just grinded on a paraplegic.

Scabsallover, a native of Southern California, has been producing and writing music for over 8 years. A recent departure from the sought-after soul rhythms his peers often collage themselves with has unmistakably marked him as a unique creative force in his hometown of Anaheim, CA.

Utilizing cheap electrical consumer products with full-fledged professional programming devices, Scabsallover manages to carve a lasting impression with listeners blending his razor-sharp white noise leads with bumbling, often off-time, drum sequencing.

Release Alert: Scabsallover will be releasing Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle (vol.2) on 3/19/2013

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