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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Alex Engstrom Is A Young Up And Coming Swedish EDM Producer

Alex Engstrom Is A Young Up And Coming Swedish EDM Producer

In the small town of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden a young new talent is emerging in the EDM world.

At the age of 10, Alex Engstrom got his first start in music when he began lessons in piano at school.

A couple years later he got his first sequencer and began to produce Hip-Hop. Having no interest in EDM music at first, he joined a rock band as keyboard and played guitar on his free time. It would all change the summer of 2011 when he heard the song ‘Made of’ by Nause. It was love at first listen that would put Alex on a different direction musically.

Now producing EDM, Alex is rapidly growing and is becoming one of EDM music’s premiere producers from Sweden.

Alex latest single “Love Me Like You Do It” was a big success in Italy and almost every important radiochannel in northern Italy played the track this summer. VivaFM had the song on their chart for 14 weeks. #6 as the best position. Visit Alex on SoundCloud.

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