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Artist Spotlight

Ace Beretta Sacrifices It All For The Numb Project

The idea of having everything you ever wanted is easier when its only an idea. When you find yourself without a home, no money, and only a beat machine… that’s when you’ll ask yourself if are you ready to sacrifice it all for your idea. At 19 years old no place to call my own, family issues, police brutality, Ace Beretta has made some of the best music of his career.

Artist Spotlight: Alex Engstrom Is A Young Up And Coming Swedish EDM Producer

In the small town of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden a young new talent is emerging in the EDM world.

Artist Spotlight: Temmy Lewis Releases New Album Perfect For Yoga & Meditation

The album “Ambience” weaves together rich textures and luscious sounds to create a beautiful and harmonious set of ambient tracks.

Artist Spotlight: Electrotech Pioneer Rikky Rock Offers Free Downloads

Rikky Rock was one of the first DJs to combine electro-breakbeat with tech-house and as a result coined the phrase Electrotech.

Spotlight: Iqarus Hits The Seattle Scene With Czech Republic Influenced Beats

Originally from the Czech Republic, Iqarus now lives in Seattle, Washington and is classified as a Euro-American EDM artist covering all kinds of musical styles.

Artist Spotlight: DJ Richard Lewington Releases New Track

Rapidly rising as becoming one of the Britain’s hottest house and trance talents, Richard Lewington has taken clubs across the U.K. and Spain by storm.

Artist Spotlight: Scabsallover Crafts Raw Electronic Mixes With Unique Twist

Scabsallover, born Jared Carmona, a once hopeful lyricist from Anaheim, disappeared from the music scene more than two years ago on a journey of self-discovery to create a unique style blending awkwardly attained field recordings with circuit bent electronics.

Spotlight: Go Exploring Releases Psychedelic Pop Tracks On New Album

Go Exploring is a one man band with a sound crafted late at night in a bedroom.

Chords Of Truth Digs Deep Into Collaboration Project; 50+ Folktronica Remixes

Chords of Truth is the brainchild of Jason Garriotte, a folk singer/songwriter who has embraced the electronic music world as well as the art of collaboration with an unrelenting spirit. The project is intended as a trip of deep self inquiry, with mind-expanding lyrics to support the journey.

Spotlight: Katarina Visnevska Merges Electric Violin And Dance Music

Latvian born and Chicago-bred, Katarina Visnevska has been re-defining the classical violinist image with the help of some strings and needles.

Spotlight: Phillip Foxley Brings Precision Playing To The Commercial World

Hailing from Conwy, North Wales UK, Phillip Foxley is a songwriter and guitarist with many years of experience on stage and as a recording session player, often producing his own tracks in his home studio.