If you don’t know about Black Milk Clothing you will now.

Derek Vincent Smith, better known as the artist Pretty Lights has collaborated with Black Milk Clothing for some interesting new pieces.

Browsing my Instagram feed yesterday I had to do a double take when I noticed the photo of the Black Milk office with Derek from PL.

Black Milk Clothing is fairly new company, founded in 2009 by James Lillis in Australia. Their items are all hand made quality apparel which gives them a fairly hefty price tag. Well known for their vivid galaxy print leggings, they have successfully infiltrated our very unique fashion culture.

The body contour dress and signature leggings have been designed and inspired by Pretty Lights 2012 single release ‘So Bright’. This Instagram photo I snagged just doesn’t do them justice, but with yesterdays epic Lord of the Rings release additional photos have been hard to come by.

No release date has been scheduled for the Pretty Lights pieces. Since they typically have a themed release I am curious if this is part of a larger music theme or if this is a one-off creation.

Either way I love Black Milk Clothing and Pretty Lights, I’m ready for some Pretty Tights!


¬†Ariel’s Black Milk Favorites

Listen: So Bright by Pretty Lights




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