I went to Sonic Bloom this year with an open mind, it being my first year I knew I was in for a eye opening experience. Not having heard or seen many of the DJs that I knew I was about to hear some interesting music that would take me on a journey. My top five list actually includes many artist that were highlighted in our article 14 Must See Acts At Sonic Bloom 2014.

Now, all you Colorado folk don’t get me wrong; I had a great time getting down to Krooked Drivers, Sunsqaubi, and some MM Big Band. As well as seeing most of the headliners blow up the stage, but I’m here to tell you who I really got down to, that I really didn’t know too much about. 

#5) O-Neb (formerly Octopus Nebula)

After having a “divorce” as drummer Dan would say, this three piece set has found a new funky way to produce music. Having never heard them before I couldn’t compare their sound to the former bands sound. But from what I heard around me from others around me is that they are back and in action. Hearing O-Neb for the first time I would say their music is a blend Funk and Heavy Beats, it definitely made me boggie down. Getting a chance to actually speak with Dan Raasch, I’m excited for what O-Neb will have for us with in the next year, it sounds like they will be working on a lot over the summer .

#4) Pumpkin

Having only seen Pumpkin play late night at Cervantes I was excited for what fun he could bring to the CO Dome. & let me tell you- he brought it! This Pumpkin set was definitely one of my most favorites and most fun of the whole weekend. Not only because Pumpkins amazing skills, but because of the great setting, the Colorado Dome was lit up and I was with most of my friends. The CO Dome has a great way of getting you up close and almost on the same level as the performer. You can tell that Pumpkin loves to preform and interact with his fans- he picks out some of the best songs, while laying down some of his own mixes for a fun-loving time. Get ready to dace the next time you check out Pumpkin

#3) OTT.

I am just IN LOVE with Ott.’s sound, its just fresh every track you hear, he does a good job at keeping each track fun. His incredible sound is like a magical tropical/spacey combination of Polish and Tipper. I only have high hopes of enjoying Ott.‘s live music again soon, and to get to see Ott. And The All Seeing eEye is on my bucket list for sure now!

#2) Plantrae

I had never listen to Plantrae before Sonic Bloom, but Plantrae is already someone who I’ve listened to multiple times after leaving Bloom. Plantare’s music is very earthly and spiritual. I love the violin, I feel like that it connects the melodies to the electronic sounds. The folk and earth influences make the music feel alive. I had never felt my body move so calmly and smoothly to music as I did listening to Plantrae.


Little did I know what I was getting myself into seeing Quantic, and to think I almost took a nap during his set! Well let me thank the music gods I didn’t! I had a couple of friends who told me that they specifically came to Bloom to see Quantic. Me never having heard of Quantic before, I was like Quxiotic? NOPE they were talking about Quantic- and I am so happy I saw him. Quantic just has a unique way of combining genres, his sound is so creative and I really respect him as an artist.



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