Rumors started to swirl about 45 minutes ago that Mike Gordon was spotted at Phil Lesh’s San Rafael, CA multi-purpose concert venue / dining room.

With the first onsite acknowledgement coming in via a tweet from one of the players on stage, Connor O’Sullivan, then another from notable music writer Benjy Einsen, the chatter online got fever pitch around 11pm PST on this day off from Phish tour.

We have compiled a few tweets and cellphone pics that have surfaced on the web for you to enjoy.

Per Cory Ferber on Twitter, Mike came out to join Phil during the second set of his regularly scheduled show and the setlist is as follows:  Improv Phil & Mike only > The Wheel > Uncle Johns Band, Death Don’t Have No Mercy

David Hagan’s tweet suggests that they also played Franklin’s Tower.

Phil Lesh & Friends w/ Mike Gordon Official Setlist: Bass Duet > The Wheel > Uncle John’s Band, Death Don’t Have No Mercy, I Know You Rider, Loser, Franklin’s Tower 

(Looks like both of the guys above were right- just didn’t have the full story initially!)

Listen & Download:Phil Lesh – 8/16/2012 – Uncle John’s Band (w/ Mike Gordon)

Watch: Video snippet of the Bass Duet (poor video but decent audio)

Main article image credit goes to Sarah Morse 



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