Photo by Caley Goff

Most may know Andy Reed as an Asheville, NC based live painter but we are here to remind you that Andy also creates beautiful downtempo grooves under the moniker of ‘Infinite Geometry’. Check out his recent Valentine’s Day set from The Parish in Austin, TX! Connect with Infinite Geometry here.

Infinite Geometry – 2/14/14 – Tracklist

Auma – Holopticism
Wolfen Technologies – Crunk
Biolumigen – Nexus Anima
Mumukshu – Squiggle Fins
Poeta – Roots
Guda – Out And Back (SIXIS Remix)
Tara Walsh – White Flag (Whitebear Remix)
Trashbat – Hail & Ride
Boards Of Canada – Olson (WRM Remix)
Commit – Maccha Sunrise
Emog – Crow
Soulacybin – Surrealendipitous
Zen Baboon – Cloud Garden



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