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Thanks to a few nice friends in the industry, we were able to secure a copy of the recent notice that the City & County of Denver issued to all promoters for the 2014 Red Rocks concert season.

We have learned that these new decibel levels are in direct response to the surge in EDM shows hosted in Morrison, Colorado. Read the verbatim copy  of the new policy below & leave a comment with your thoughts!

We would like to notify you of new policies which will take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre beginning January 1, 2014. If you have a contract for 2014, we will issue an amendment to include this language. Please make sure your acts/contacts are aware of these changes for the upcoming season.

Red Rocks Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and End Time Policy
Effective January 1, 2014 (all events commencing on or after January 1, 2014)

In order to reduce the sound level impacts on the neighboring residents from concerts being staged at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the City and County of Denver is implementing the following policies on sound pressure levels (measured in decibel or dB levels) and event ending times. These policies will be included into each user agreement executed for the rental of Red Rocks Amphitheatre for performance events.

Sound Pressure Levels- measured at the fixed front of house mix position

The A-weighted Leq sound pressure level shall not exceed 105 dBA for 1 minute averages after 12:00 AM on weeknights and 1 AM on weekends/Holidays.

The flat (no weighting applied) Leq sound pressure levels shall not exceed 125 dB for the frequency range of 25-80 Hz for 1-minute averages after 12:00 AM on weeknights and 1 AM on weekends/Holidays.

The levels will be measured by equipment provided by the City and County of Denver located at the front-of-house mix position. The monitor will provide the sound engineer with data used to manage their sound pressure levels (SPL).
Violation Charge: $10,000 (for every 5 times (consecutive or non-consecutive) the 1-minute average exceeds the stated limits in a given day)

When violations occur, the City and County of Denver retains the right to take corrective action as needed including cutting power to the production.

Ending Times
Amplified outdoor performances at Red Rocks shall conclude no later than the following:

  • Weeknights (Sunday night-Thursday night): 12:30 AM
  • Weekends/Holidays (Friday and Saturday night and nights before holidays, July 3, night before Memorial Day and night before Labor Day): 1:30 AM

Violation Charge: $5000 for each ½ hour increment

When violations occur, the City and County of Denver retains the right to take corrective action as needed including cutting power to the production.

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Pete Seeger, the 1950′s era folk troubadour and 60′s political activist, has passed away. He was 94.

A cause of death has not been formally announced though it is known that Seeger had been in the New York Presbyterian Hospital for the past 6 days.

From Wikipedia:

Seeger was one of the folksingers most responsible for popularizing the spiritual “We Shall Overcome” (also recorded by Joan Baez and many other singer-activists) that became the acknowledged anthem of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement.

Seeger’s grandson, Kitama Cahill-Jackson said that “He was chopping wood 10 days ago.” Official Facebook Page


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Perennial electronic music producer Bluetech will hit the road this February on a three-week tour in support of his forthcoming EP Release, Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1.

The five track EP was funded entirely by the fans in less than a week on Kickstarter. The initial goal was to raise $7,250 but nearly 600 fans stepped up to pledge $18,670!

The campaign for the digital EP quickly rose to the top as the most popular of music project on the website, and continues to rank as the top electronic music project of 2014 at Kickstarter. While the fundraising campaign has come to a close, additional funds raised  will be used to create a visual storyboard, limited-edition vinyl and the on-going production of the yearlong multi-volume release.

Just one of 18 consecutive albums, Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1 captures the lost art of album production and was written to be listened to from end to end, carrying the listener along the way through a series of dreamlike visions, moving storylines and plenty of spirited dance ready tracks. The entire volume will be released throughout 2014 unveiling one storyline carrying a common thread.

Rife with emotional intent, and polyrhythmic percussion, Bluetech is revered for producing honest music that is as deep as it is moving. There’s no bravado, no boasting; just the gentle tendrils of careful composition stretching and seeking; awakening, inspiring, and delighting fans across the country and around the world.

Read our interview with Bluetech about his mission to convert his studio to solar energy!

The EP Release Tour will kick off this February in the mountain west and will include stops in the southwest, Texas and back to the Pacific Northwest for a tour finale in Seattle on February 16th. For more information about the upcoming Bluetech tour, check out his official website.

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Philadelphia trance-fusion jammers, The Disco Biscuits, are set for another multi-day run of shows in Colorado next week & we have compiled a selection of tasty tunes for you to get warmed up to!

What has become an annual tradition, “Winter Inferno” will see the band gigging at The Ogden Theater in Denver on January 23rd – 24th then heading up to Broomfield, Colorado for a show at the 1st Bank Center on January 25th.

The band will also be playing an intimate “Tractorbeam” gig at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on Sunday January 26th. Tractorbeam shows are a treat as the band strictly plays instrumental songs and tends to unleash some monster jams  while gigging under that pseudonym.

Winter Inferno 2014: Buy Tickets Now

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After more than four years of heavy, year-round touring, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir have decided to put their band Furthur on hiatus in 2014.

After the four night Furthur run in Mexico in January, the band will take the rest of 2014 off so that Phil and Bob can focus on their countless solo projects.

Furthur came together in September, 2009, and from its inception was a band Phil and Bob were completely committed to, and still are.

In the 18 years since the Grateful Dead stopped being a touring entity, Furthur has proven to be the longest-tenured, and most active band featuring two or more former members of the Grateful Dead. With shows that keep the Dead vibe alive while pushing the musical envelope, well, furthur, this band has brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of fans in the past four years. Most impressive is that this has become a true band, and not just Phil and Bob plus some side players. John Kadlecik (guitar), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards), Joe Russo (drums), and Sunshine Becker and Jeff Pehrson (vocals) have joined the trip to create a band that has become one of the most exciting, honest and inspired touring acts in music today.

What does 2014 hold for Phil and Bob? If their activities outside of Furthur in the past four years are any indication, plenty.

Phil’s been playing virtually every night when not on tour with Furthur, whether at his Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA, or on the road with Phil Lesh & Friends. Bob’s been hosting one of the most unique web-based variety shows in history, Weir Here, every Wednesday night when he’s not touring, presented live from his TRI Studios in San Rafael. Additionally, Bob’s been having a blast playing his solo acoustic shows, as well as other gigs and tours with newer arrivals to the party. He plans to keep doing what he’s doing, and more of it.

The last time the word “hiatus” was used in regards to the Grateful Dead world was in 1974, and we all know how much good that break inspired. They returned a year and a half later, stronger than ever, and for another 20 years.

Furthur is not breaking up; they’re simply taking a much-needed break.

For more information visit Furthur.net

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Umphrey’s McGee has been scheduled to play in Colorado for a New Years Run for awhile now but one thing was missing from their earlier announcement… a show on 12/30!

Now the band has let a bit of the mystery out of the bag- they will be playing at an unannounced location with ticket prices set at $200.

Below are the details straight from Umphrey’s McGee’s Facebook

Upon further consideration, we decided we do not want you to stay home on December 30th after all. So in typical UM fashion, we’ve opted to mix it up to create another unique concert event.

After two incredibly fun and successful fan produced “Bill Graham” shows, we are pleased to offer another curveball experience for the die hard fan. And coupling that with UM Mondays, a growing Colorado tradition, we bring you Bill GrahUM Monday.

When: December 30th, 8:00 pm through early on December 31st
Where: Mystery venue to be revealed
What: An incredibly intimate rock show
How many: 350 tickets
How much: $200.00
Who: You! (18 and over)

- Four hours of open bar (beer, wine & booze)
- Setlist voted on by all ticket holders
- Exclusive die case pin commemorating the event
- MP3 download of the show
- UM + Oskar Blues beer koozie
- And a bonus reveal, if you’re game . . .

Additionally, in light of the recent floods effecting communities all over Colorado, we are going to donate $15.00 from every ticket sale to assist with relief efforts. Tickets will go on sale the week of September 30th, and will be available via three different channels. We will be offering tickets through a general public on-sale, direct to previous Bill Graham show attendees/UM Monday patrons, and to those participating in the 2013 Colorado NYE umVIP packages. Any tickets not purchased by umVIPs will revert to the general public allotment; date to be announced. Additional details and links to be shared shortly.

We look forward to another raucous evening with the UM faithful. And you should look forward to a one of a kind Umphrey’s show with setlist rarities, drinks a plenty, and stellar company. Here’s to ringing in 2014 with a twist!


Well, that is pretty badass! Any guesses to which venue they will be playing? Cervantes? The Armory?

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