Home Artist Spotlight Spotlight: Harakiri Blends Progressive Rock With Dark Psychedelic Indie Grooves

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In the fall of 2011 three musicians from diverse musical backgrounds came together to form a group that would take everything they know and throw it together. The result was Harakiri. This diverse eight-piece rock band hits a full spectrum of genres. Predominantly rock, Harakiri’s music also pays tribute to elements of Latin and Jazz. They are a Motley Crew of Musicians with many varying influences.

Harakiri has played shows around the Twin Cites at venues such as Station 4 and Wild Tymes in Saint Paul. They have also recorded at Winterland Studios in New Hope, MN. The band hopes to get radio play on The Current’s Local Hour Show in the next month and establish a strong local presence while at the same time branching out to cities across the country.

This Band aspires to make music that will stand the test of time and has the ability to connect with fans on an intimate level.

Their ultimate goal is to create music that is well thought out, honest, and can be received by a broad audience.

Harakiri is looking to tour full-time as soon as possible and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach this goal. The band is ready to put in the man-hours and make the necessary personal sacrifices to make their music heard.

Visit the band’s ReverbNation page
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