Outta Sight Muzik is a Virginia-based independent record label and promotional company founded and launched in 2014 by Jah Taylor.

The label is currently home to metal, hip-hop, and punk rock bands from Virginia (Oryssa & Hallow 14), California (he.cried.wolf), Ohio (Against Us All), New Jersey (Neechie Naacal), Spain (All-I-Am, Upside Down, & Dawn Of The Maya) and the UK (Eden Avenue).

Outta Sight is currently sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey and Gentleman’s Brew E-Juice.

In 2016, Outta Sight artists shared stages with Conveyer, Eyes Set To Kill, Myka Relocate, Dark Sermon, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Oh,Sleeper, My Enemies & I, Secrets, Sworn In, While She Sleeps, The Word Alive, Islander, Volumes, and more. Stay tuned for yet another Outta Sight year!

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